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Additional tools for clients receiving one-to-one support, and amazing life-hacks for everyone else!

Before jumping in, let’s make sure your systems are set up properly. If you’re working with Naomi one-on-one you’ll need to make sure you have these tools in place. If you’re not, make sure to review the videos as the life hacks will certainly help you manage and grow your business. 

Coaching calls take place via Zoom, a free online tool that allows us to speak, share screens, doodle notes and record. Calls are free for two people, but if you add a third, you’ll have a 40 minute cut off.

Downloading Zoom to your desktop allows us to quickly connect and access calls. It also means your screen will look similar to mine allowing me to help you navigate the screen and learn how to use it. I highly recommend downloading it (and using it with your clients).

Download from

Loom will allow you to record your screen and share the video effortlessly. Email your videos to For one-to-one clients make sure to alert Naomi to your video by texting.

Our priority is to keep you moving. If you’ve allocated two hours to a task we want you to complete it, not postpone it because the screen looked different from what you expected and you didn’t know what to do!

Download from:

Make sure you have this browser add-on so you can save content for later, either to read or to share with your audience.

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Go to:

In the Welcome Email for this course, you will have received a link to your Google Drive folder. Depending on the type of email accounts you already have and how you wish to approach this, you will either start a new account or continue with your existing account.


All files I share with you will appear in the ‘Shared with you’ folder.

Business Strategy Course Portal 2019

You can continue to access the folder here, or you can add it to YOUR Google Drive account so it appears in ‘My Drive’. To do this, right-hand click (depending on your computer) to bring up the floating option bar. Click on ‘Add to My Drive’.

Business Strategy Course Portal 2019

The file will automatically move to the main menu of your drive. However, if you wish to store it withing another file, click on the option ‘Organise’ that appears directly below the file name once you have added it.

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Within the folder you receive, there are two .csv files. To open them (or any file on Google that isn’t a Google file) follow these instructions:


The course content  for this session can be found by clicking the tabs.

Length: 1hr 23 minutes

Session 0: How to Build Your Business With LinkedIn

Remind yourself why LinkedIn is so important with this introduction webinar. In it, Naomi talks about many of the concepts within the course, setting the picture for where we’re heading and why. It’s a valuable introduction and you’re welcome to share it with friends. Just click here.

This is additional content and NOT the first Module referred to in the Introduction Session. 

 You can also access the audio copy of this webinar to listen to while on the move. Visit the Google Shared Drive



Session 1

The course content for this sessions can be found by clicking the tabs.

Total Duration: 81 mins

Study Time: 30 minutes

Number of Modules: 5

Worksheets: 4

Slides: Yes

Reading: 1/5 available (1.1)


Session 1: Creating the Road Map

In introducing you to the course, you’ll learn a unique structure that is proven to bring clarity and control to your business, removing much of the confusion that haunts most independent business owners. 

Duration: 20 minutes

Success on LinkedIn depends on having a clear outcome, which is ultimately created by how your business is structured and what you want to achieve. In this module, you will begin to set your outcomes ready to create the roadmap for your business. You’ll also learn how to decipher which task should take priority at any moment.

Worksheet: Business Strategy Course Portal 2019

Goal Setting.pdf


Business Strategy Course Portal 20191.1 Setting Outcomes

Duration: 15 minutes

How do you meet your income targets? There are four ways to approach increasing your income: increase your price, attend more sales appointments, improve your sales conversation (increase your skills), or change who you are pitching too. In this video, we discuss the various way to approach this within your business.

Duration: 10 mins

How many appointments are you currently attending and what is your average sales value? It’s now time to work out exactly what is happening in your business (even if you’re just starting out) and calculate what’s possible.

Business Strategy Course Portal 2019

Know Your Numbers.pdf

Duration: 30 mins


Understanding how people make buying decisions is the key to writing good content and understanding where to focus our attention within our business. We’re now going to look at the psychology of how people buy and apply it to your business. 


Duration: 8 mins

Now we’ve understood the psychology of how people buy, we need to translate this into sales. Where are our prospects and what happens after the sales appointment?

Business Strategy Course Portal 2019

Worksheet –

Client Journey.pdf

Session 2 
The course content  for this session can be found by clicking the tabs.

Length: 1hr 26 minutes

Study Time: 30 minutes

Session 2: Structure for Profit

In this session you’ll create a clear product structure that allows you to establish trust with your prospects by engaging them at price points they are comfortable with. As a result, you’ll be able to track prospects in your sales funnel and know exactly what actions to take next.

Unfortunately no recording is available for this session.
Session 3

The course content  for this session can be found by clicking the tabs.

Length: 1hr 28 minutes

Study Time: 30 minutes

Session 3: Sales Appointments

Structured sales appointment are imperative if you want to engage your prospects and enrol the right ones as clients. In this session we’ll be looking closely at how you ask for appointments. We’ll also show you how to structure the conversation so you’re in the right position to comfortably ask the buying questions.

Session 4 
The course content for this session can be found by clicking the tabs.

Length: 1hr 24 minutes

Study Time: 30 minutes

Session 4: Pitching Your Value

Often we’re too close to our own business to see the value we bring to our clients. In this session we’ll uncover exactly what you do and how to pitch it, so your prospects sit up and take notice.

Please ensure you have watched the videos in the ‘Homeplay’ section of Module 3 before starting this module.



Session 5
The course content for this session can be found by clicking the tabs.

Length: 1hr 52 minutes

Study Time: 30 minutes

Session 5: Understanding the Buying Cycle

Equipped with a clear product structure, a call to action (sales hook), and your pitch, we’ll uncover how your prospects buy and how best to structure your LinkedIn profile for maximum impact.


Session 6
The course content for this session can be found by clicking the tabs.

Length: 1hr 42 minutes

Study Time: 30 minutes

Session 6: Creating Content

In this session, we’ll be looking at the type of content to share with your audience, and how to structure your own content to match the buying cycle of your prospects and become the ‘go to’ place to learn about your topic.



Session 7
The course content for this session can be found by clicking the tabs.

Length: 1hr 34 minutes

Study Time: 30 minutes

Session 7: Managing & Engaging Leads

In this session we’ll show you how to manage new invitations to connect and engage with prospects in such a way that you build your reputation and your sales funnel with highly qualified prospects.

There is no homeplay for this module.

Session 8
The course content for this session can be found by clicking the tabs.

Length: 1hr 13 minutes

Study Time: 30 minutes

Session 8: Bringing it all together

Having identified the key elements of your profile in session 5, you’ll now have had 3 weeks to draft and review your profile and receive feedback. In this session, we’ll be setting the course for moving forward and bringing in the clients you want.

Session Recording:

Download the Slides

Live Recording:



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Here is a collection of all resources mentioned within this module.

The Business Strategy Planner collects your final answers from the worksheets and turns them into plans. As you work your way through each module, refer to the business planner and add in your final answers. Each section references the worksheet it is related to.

Click Here to Download Here

Version – October 2018

You will need to save a copy of this document before being able to edit. To do this:
  1. Make sure you are logged into your Google Account
  2. Click on ‘File’ so the options appear
  3. Click ‘Make a copy…’
  4. Rename the file
  5. Click ‘Share’ and invite with editing permission

Or Watch how here:

The Content Media Planner Allows you to:

  • Store future ideas for blog posts and content
  • Use the progress log to keep track of content you’re developing
  • Schedule your posts and upload directly into your Social Media Scheduler
  • Keep a concise list with references of your established assets (finished content and resources)
  • Track your testimonial requests for easy future reference



How to use the Content Media Planner

As you know you are welcome to submit your planners to me for further suggestions and input. When I reply, I record my response using Loom. Here is a collection of responses to help you get further learning and insights (shared with the client’s permission).

To share your spreadsheet with me, please click ‘Share’ at the top and add my email Naomi@TheProfile.Company letting me know you want me to provide feedback. I will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible. 

Feedback for Richard Andreae – Cyber Essentials – SupportalUK

The Lead Tracker allows you to:

  • Capture and track important leads
  • Measure your weekly progress against quarterly goals
  • Identify areas within your sales process that need more attention 
  • Track whether you’re on target to achieving your monthly/quarterly earnings target
  • Track your progress growing your LinkedIn Connections and Database
  • Identify how much influence your status updates and articles have on your lead generation


The Lead Tracker comes in Excel format. You can upload it to Google and share with Naomi if you wish.

How to use the Lead Tracker

Business Strategy Course Portal 2019Setting up your Lead Tracker.pdf

If you need support please contact us.

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