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👋 Hi, I am Naomi, and I’ve spent the last decade writing LinkedIn Profiles that position people as the ‘go-to’ expert in their industry. 

Through my free and premium resources, I am here to help you craft the perfect LinkedIn Profile so you become the only person your prospects want to work with.

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👋 Use my FREE LinkedIn Profile Template and resources to craft the perfect LinkedIn profile before you publish.

This website has pages of helpful tutorials which I’ve embedded into the template so you can easily find your way around and access the support you need when you need it. 

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What People Are Saying

Testimonials from previous clients

Since having my profile revamped by Naomi Johnson, I’ve been more proud to send people there. I’ve used LinkedIn more and seen more inbound enquiries coming from LinkedIn. LinkedIn has ranked me as one of their top performing profiles and I feel that the profile positively reflects our brand a lot more than before the work was done.

Daniel Priestley, Co-Founder Dent Global

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Client definitely approach me pre-sold since Naomi wrote my profile. I've received several speaking engagements as a result of my profile, with one ideal prospect commenting that he was choosing me to speak on his panel because my profile stood for something and he liked what I had to say. From it, I made some wonderful new connections, and with my profile looking great, I had every confidence following them up and building my network.

Sue Ingram, Converse Well

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When I found myself unable to win new clients the way I always had done, I decided to look at LinkedIn. Naomi quickly saw where my message needed re-positioning and, along with writing my profile and sections of my website, created a messaging campaign for me which instantly produced results. We went from having £0 in our pipeline to £140k within 3 months and £50k of new business. What was incredible, was when a dream client that I had been cold calling for 2-years, reached out to me asking if I was available to complete a job for them. They said they'd read my profile and website and knew I was the right person for them! I highly recommend Naomi.

Stacey Jackson, London-Based PR firm

I have recently worked with Naomi to overhaul my LinkedIn Profile and I couldn’t be happy with the quality of work. Naomi was an absolute pleasure to connect with and really took the time to understand me, my business and my goals. The content provided is superb and will be used across a number of channels; great value for money! I would highly recommend Naomi and hope to work with her again in the future.

Kate Bell, ZipUs In

Naomi sees things differently, which is exactly why I loved working with her. She helped me in a few profound ways: (1) She listened to my rambling descriptions of what I do and worked with me to turn it into something that others could understand and find a use for. (2) She coached me in the very specific technical intricacies of LinkedIn and a variety of interlocking tools (Hootsuite, Pocket, Twitter, etc.) and strategies for their use. (3) She also coached on business strategy, following up on leads, etc. I'm not sure where else I'd be able to find the kind of help she gave without going to a fancy communications firm. The personalized help was exactly what I needed.

Lynn Broaddus

In what is very much a conceptual business, Naomi got to understand the essence of what I do and created a LinkedIn profile, getting really under the skin of what I do, how I can add value to a customer's business and present me as a leading expert in my field.I would highly recommend her work.

Tim Peniston-Bird

Stuart MacArthur, Living Oak

I knew from the first five minutes of the initial (and free) call with Naomi, that asking her to write my LinkedIn profile was going to turn out well. What I love about Naomi, is her no airs or graces, informal style, mixed with a big dose of professionalism and knowledge. Naomi took a great deal of time and effort getting it right first time, I was genuinely taken aback that she'd captured what I do and what I believe in so well. I had to re-read her first draft several times just to make sure I was being subjective in my immediate connection with what she'd written. I was, and I still love it ! I am very happy to recommend Naomi; both for the quality of her work and value for money. If Naomi offers you a call , take up the offer !

Simon de Cintra, Act Naturally

Naomi really took the time to understand what my business did and was able to bring that across in my LinkedIn profile very effectively. She was able to turn my old profile from something that resembled a résumé to presenting me as an expert and trusted advisor in my field of expertise. I would recommend this service.

Richard Andre, SupPortal Cyber Security

It has been such a pleasure working with Naomi to sort out my LinkedIn profile. She is bright, engaging, easy to work with and she has built an amazing process to help you to shine online. While working with you to liven up your profile, she supports you every step of the way, pushing you through that, ‘haven’t got time, can’t be bothered, what difference will it make’ insistent mindset, that can occur when you’re very busy. The benefits are so worth-while, Naomi helps you to feel brighter, more professional, it’s a great, great process. Book a call with Naomi, you won’t be sorry.

Ali Stewart

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Meet Naomi

Hi I am Naomi-Rose Everly, and I’ve been critiquing LinkedIn Profiles for 10 years now, first while I was the Head of LinkedIn Training at Europe’s leading LinkedIn training company for two years, and then as part of my own company, TheProfile.Company, for the last 8 years.

My superpowers includes being able to quickly grasp what you do and translate it into words, in such a way that you build rapport with your audience and become the only person they want to work with.

With all my advice, I bring a healthy dose of experience and realism. I know what it takes to establish a business, especially one where you’re selling your expertise as a service, and believe our biggest priority is figuring out a marketing strategy that is right for your business, your audience and, most importantly, you.

Because one thing is for sure – one size does not fit all!

Along side TheProfile.Company, I also run my sister-brand The Expert Economy: A Real Time Entrepreneurial Community designed to help experts thrive in our new econony. I hope you’ll come and check it out.

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