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Last Wednesday of Every Month

LinkedIn Surgery

Have you get questions about LinkedIn? If so, this is your opportunity to bring your challenge to the group and get answers. It could be a technical answer or a strategy question. 

The LinkedIn Surgery is facilitated by Naomi Johnson, but led by you. 

Our structure:
✋ Those with questions & challenges are invited to raise their hand at the beginning of the call. 
🤔 We’ll ask each person with their hand up to share, in turn, their issue. We’ll then call on the experts among us to give their professional opinion on the issue, and then…
🙋‍♀️ Open the floor to anyone with a comment / share their experiences

There is no specific teaching element, introduction or sales pitch. It’s just straight to the point practical support and feedback. 

Every Last Wednesday of the Month. 

Come with a question or come looking for ideas!


Friday Networking

At our sister-brand ‘The Expert Economy’, we run fortnightly networking groups with special guest speakers sharing their wisdom and knowledge for running a business as an expert-entrepreneur. 

We hold regular talks on LinkedIn you will enjoy, as well as a host of other topics.

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