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What We Do: 

Working with UsAn effective profile builds your story and contributes to the sales journey of your prospect. Each element on a profile provides vital retail space that needs to be carefully balanced to provide a consistent and effective personal brand.

When creating your profile we will:

  • Create a punchy headline that shares your value, outlines the problem you solve and makes your prospect curious to know more
  • Write a summary that engages your reader in your solution, builds rapport and establishes you as an expert
  • Develop the Experience section to tell your story in a way that builds your credibility and positions you as the best person for the job
  • Advise on appropriate Rich Media Content which advances and aids your prospect with their buying decision, and further develops your relationship with the prospect
  • Collate your contact information and present it in a way that effortlessly guides your prospect on to the next step in your sales process
  • Where appropriate, create projects for your initiatives that best position you and your colleagues and promotes your key message
  • Arrange your education, publications, organisations, courses, certificates, honours & awards, voluntary experience, for maximum effect
  • Plus lots of little tricks for getting your profile found and viewed more!


We deliver your profile in 4 simple steps that take between 7 -10 working days.

  1. The Interview: Lasting anywhere between 20-40 minutes we’ll discuss the outcome you want from your profile. This is an important step in which we’ll identify the right LinkedIn strategy for your profile. We’ll capture your tone and personality to ensure we write a profile that’s reflective of you.
  2. Writing Your Profile: We’ll get to work writing your profile based on what you’ve told us. Our writers also source further information and insight about you, your role, you company and industry from the web to complete a full and comprehensive picture.
  3. Revise and Review: You’ll receive your new profile in a Word document or via GoogleDocs (depending on your preference) to review. We’ll work with you to revise it until it’s an accurate reflection of who you are.
  4. Setting your profile: Once approved we’ll log into your account* and set it all in place ready for the world to view. Notifications are switched off for the majority of updates, but for particular ones, we cleverly switch them back on so your changes draw attention from your network… allowing the magic to begin.
  • This is an optional method. If you invite us to do it for you, we ask you to follow our strict security policy to ensure protection of your account.

For further employees or associates that currently work with you or those you envision working with in the future, we can either repeat the above or follow one of these options, depending on your budget.

Model Profiles

We create a model profile for the company that consists of the key branded elements you’ll want on each persons profile to have.

To personalises it, we can:

Option 1: Write and Revise

  1. Adding Their Own Content: Individuals will be sent a profile template with the key company elements already included. They will be asked to complete the missing elements with some guidance provided.
  2. Sharpen and Re-write: Individuals will send their profiles back to us for revision. We will review what has been written and sharpen the language to fit within the word limit and best reflect the organisation.
  3. Approval: The individual will review the edit and send for company approval once completed.
  4. Revise and Review: The profile will then be sent back to the individual directly (or via a project manager if appointed) for review by the profile owner. Once they have agreed to its content, it will be sent for final company approval.
  5. Setting the Profile: Once the company has agreed to the profile, it is ready for upload. This can be done by our team or by yours. Since this involves sharing passwords, we do have a strict password policy which will need to be adhered to (see terms & conditions).

Option 2: Model Profile Publish Only

Only the model profile is provided and the organisation is left to create individual profiles with out further assistance or input.

Recommended for non-fee earning support staff.

Your investment:

For Solo Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses, our fees are as follows:

First Profile     £400
Each Additional Person    £200

Further Options:
Model Profile    £100
Option 1: Write & Revise    £75
Option 2: Publish Only     £25


  • Payment is required in full and upfront before work begins. We accept all major credit cards or we can provide an invoice with a valid purchase order number.
  • We endeavour to respond quickly to all enquires and revisions, and ask that you do the same. If after 90 days the project is not complete due for no fault of our own, we have the right to cancel the agreement with no refund.
  • When uploading your profile we will ask you to change your LinkedIn profile password to one we specify. This is a unique password for the duration of the updates and known only to our key account holder.
  • Once the profile has been updated we ask that you immediately change your password. We do not accept liability for compromised security 24 hours after notification.
  • The wording we produce for you can only be used on your LinkedIn profile and not other media with our prior agreement. A fee will be shared if use on the profiles of colleagues outside of the contract and without agreement. Please discuss our various options and packages.

Your key contact:

Working with Us

Naomi Johnson – 07723 602353

Twitter: @TheProfileCo
Web: TheProfile.Company

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