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What prospects think when your LinkedIn profile is CV based

I was just emailing a new contact about a possible new opportunity. It will involve a lot of collaboration over a long period of time. Excited about it, I sent my new contact a message via LinkedIn to initiate a conversation. After my message was sent, LinkedIn navigated me to her LinkedIn profile so I decided to poke around and see what new and interesting information she had on there relating to our new enterprise.

Her profile was good. It had new articles and links to different things that drew me in. Her profile was well formatted. Clearly she had invested time putting it together.

But then I became disappointed.

In the experience section she had listed key ways people could work with her. I thought at first this was following my advice to provide a tangible outline as to how prospects might engage with you by outlining your packages, but then I realised it was exactly what I recommend but written in terms of her key skills and what she has to offer as an employee.

Was she leaving?

When looking to work with a company and build a long term relationship, I want to know that the person I start conversations with are going to be there long enough for the project to mature and become independent. If they were to leave, I might find my hard work lost and thus, right now, when considering the investment, I need to think twice.

If you are someone who is staying in your role for a long time and looking to build long term relationship with people, its important that your LinkedIn profile reflects this. It is still possible to sing about your successes and outline your skills but it is all in how you do it.

Is your LinkedIn profile your CV selling you? or is your LinkedIn profile your shop window presenting an exciting insight into how you help clients with an invitation to collaborate? 

When writing your LinkedIn profile you are creating your personal brand and letting people know what you are selling. It’s important you know the outcome you are going for, and write accordingly. Are you looking for a new job or are you looking to grow where you currently are? If its the latter, a re-write of your profile that firmly positions you as the person to speak to in your industry is the way to go.

And incidentally, if you manage your personal brand well, you are more likely to get headhunted and paid more because of your reputation and who you know. If you would like to discuss your LinkedIn profile and how your personal brand is showing up, please be in touch. I welcome you book an appointment with me by clicking here.

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