The Expert Economy

A full-day of collaboration with like-minded Expert Entrepreneurs in Central London.
Come together to share insights and master the principles of The Expert Economy for your business
The Workout

16th April 2019

Runs monthly

The Workout


WeWork, Corsham St,
Hoxton, N1 6DR

The Workout

Small Group

Just 12 people per event

Get together with other like-minded entrepreneurs to share insights and expertise and make new friends.

The road as an Expert Entrepreneur is never easy and often we appear as the ‘odd one out’ amongst our family and friends. It can often be hard for us to find the support we need, especially when the general marketing principles do not apply. Our monthly Workouts are designed to give you the support and momentum you need to explore and build your business. We meet in person, once a month for a full day of helpful workshops and collaboration.

what you can expect

  • Full day in Central London
  • Network and ask for introductions
  • Master the principles of the expert Economy and get apply them
  • Join an accountability group and track your progress each month
  • Meet other like-minded individuals on the same path as you
  • Join a mastermind session and resolve challenging issues
  • Benefit from our member’s knowledge and expertise
  • Fun variations that create memories and build friendships

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The Workout
The Workout

Environment dictates performance

– Daniel Priestley, author of Key Person of Influence


The Workout

Introduction to The Expert Economy

After we’ve opened the meeting and set our expectations for the day, members are invited to review their progress over the last month providing a valuable touch-point each month to step back measure progress and reflect. 

2-Minute Introductions

Discover who you’re working with for the day and who is part of the community by providing a 2-minute introduction to your business and where you’re up to in your journey building your business as an expert.

This is a safe environment to find new friends to journey the road less travelled with. While you may find new clients and/or word of mouth refferals, the purpose of this session is to build the community and get to know each other.

The Workout
The Workout

Mastermind Session

Working in groups and using a proven methodology you’ll bust through your most pressing business challenge with the advice and insight from your team.

Everyone takes a turn in the hot-seat so no one misses out. Come prepared with a challenge you want your team to help you resolve. With so much expert knowledge in the room you’ll really benefit from the different perspectives.

Member Presentation

Each month one of our members will take the spotlight and share valuable content to help you progress in your business. Topics are varied and always designed to help you advance as far as possible.

If you’d like to deliver a presentation let me know.

The Workout
The Workout

Focused Content

We recognise that coming along to a day like this is, is another day out of the office. Therefore we aim to make the day as valuable as possible by focusing on an area of training within The Expert Economy Marketing Methodology that takes advantage of being together. This might include sales training with role-playing, LinkedIn training, etc. See later for our upcoming training schedule.

THIS QUARTER we are deep diving into how to book sales appointments by posting great content on LinkedIn.

Our training is delivered in three-month blocks allowing us to study one subject in detail every quarter. This isn’t about laying on more training and leaving you to it – this is about getting it done and mastering it, and if you get stuck, understanding why.


  • A solo entrepreneur who sells their time for money
  • A team player who recognises givers gain
  • Passionate about your area of expertise and solving meaningful problems for your clients
  • Looking for monthly accountability to help grow your business and you recognise that environment dictates performance
  • Looking for a marketing strategy appropriate for your type of business
  • Wanting to build your own entrepreneurial tribe
  • Wanting to build momentum in your business and achieve results
  • Just getting started or someway into your journey
The Workout

I really enjoyed connecting with other entrepreneurs and focusing again on a marketing strategy that works for entrepreneurs like me. I learned lots from the other attendees. It has reinvigorated me and given me the inspiration to keep going

Yvonne Omini – Dream Activator 

The Workout

A great day out. Very valuable. I have invited several friends to attend the next event. There is nothing more valuable than coming together with others on the same path and learning together

Shishir Khadha – Boost Accounting, E-commerce Specialist

The Workout

A big thank you to Naomi for putting on this day. It reminded me of all the actions I need to be doing each month to keep my business on track. It’s good to have these things reinforced as it so easy to get caught up in things that don’t matter. Really valuable – and important – day

Angela Sims, Red Tulip

The Workout

This was an utterly fabulous day out and much needed. It was great to get out meet others who are on the same journey with valuable insights to share

Sue Ingram, Converse Well

why join US?

The Workout


Meet likeminded entrepreneur experts, share business referrals, build your own tribe and make introductions and glean valuable insights and tips.

The Workout


Navigate the road less travelled with others taking the same journey. Ask questions, share valuable insights and be inspired with experts on hand to help you build momentum.

The Workout


Marketing & Sales training designed especially for the solo-entrepreneur, expert-led business. Online training, individual and group coaching using a tried and tested methodology.



10AM -5PM
@WeWork, Corsham Street, Hoxton, N1 6DR










Having started her business using LinkedIn, Naomi quickly shot to fame as a LinkedIn expert, writing LinkedIn profiles for business owners, thought-leaders, executives and sales teams.

Beginning her business with absolutely no notice, Naomi had to quickly establish her business to make her rent within two weeks. Applying the knowledge and skill accumulated over years of training other companies how to use LinkedIn and position themselves within their market, Naomi quickly became the 'go to' expert within her industry with her name coming up in all the right conversations. By her fourth month she was operating at full capacity and by month five, she won Oracle as a client.

Today, more than three years in, Naomi's LinkedIn profile writing skills are in high demand as well as her expert knowledge for structuring businesses to position individuals who selling their expertise and time for money as the 'go to' expert within their industry.

Having reviewed and written hundreds of LinkedIn profiles while in conversation with the profile owner, Naomi noticed that most people's businesses are not structured in a way that will allow them to easily win them business and meet their income targets. Having been in this position herself and writing her book Grassroots to Green Shoots in 2010, Naomi knows first hand the trouble this can cause and is on a mission to help others avoid the same fate.

The Workout

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The Workout
The Workout
The Workout