Terms & Conditions: LinkedIn Business Strategy Course

Participants must be committed to confidentiality. Participants help each other by sharing ideas, experimenting with concepts and being vulnerable. Fostering a safe place where ideas can be shared and not exploited means treating information shared within the group as confidential, especially if it is clearly sensitive information. TheProfile.Company does not, however, guarantee nor will TheProfile.Company be liable if you share an idea and later believe that another person took this idea, or if you feel negatively affected by someone’s reaction to information you choose to share. You do not need to share confidential information to fully experience the positive results of participation if you do not feel it is appropriate to do so.

Intellectual Property of TheProfile.Company 
Participants will be receiving extensive information, literature, handouts, strategies, tests, products and materials (“the materials”) to help them. These materials have been developed over several years and the copyrights belong to TheProfile.Company and mentors, unless specifically referenced. Participants do not own the materials provided to them during the course and have no right to duplicate, copy, adapt, transmit, sell, teach or licence the materials in any way, shape or form. The materials are strictly for your personal use only as a Participant of the Programme.

Participant Commitments 
TheProfile.Company is committed to developing our services. We need to ensure that our Participants are as committed as we are to the process and the work associated with it. We have a method for success but your commitment and consistent dedication is the most essential ingredient.

Changes to Delivery 
In the unlikely event that TheProfile.Company needs to make a change to an event venue, date or time, or replace a Mentor or other speaker, or make any other change to a module or event, TheProfile.Company maintains the right to do so.

Information Only 
The LinkedIn Business Strategy Course constitutes “Information Only” and does not constitute financial or legal recommendations or advice. You are recommended to engage licenced professional advice for legal, financial and certainly medical needs.