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As an Expert LinkedIn Profile Writer & Coach, I hear from business leaders all the time who, despite doing everything the experts tell them to, are still struggling to win new business via LinkedIn.

A quick glance at their LinkedIn Profile, and I can quickly spot why.

The advice they are using to boost engagement and increase their followers is all correct, but what is missing in this advice is how to create a LinkedIn Profile that has your ideal prospects eager to work with you – and just how important this is if your activities on the platform are going to translate into paid business.

In my talks, I bust several LinkedIn myths, lift the lid on why popular strategies don’t work for everyone and how to create a LinkedIn Profile that positions you as the only person your prospects want to work with. 

Speaking Engagements 2023

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Possible Talk Titles

  • The LinkedIn Frustration Factor: Why You’re Not Seeing Results and What to Do About It
  • From LinkedIn Disappointment to Success: Overcoming Common Pitfalls and Achieving Your Goals
  • The LinkedIn Success Struggle: Why You’re Not Seeing Results and How to Turn Things Around
  • Leveraging LinkedIn for Business Success: Strategies for Maximizing Your Profile and Engagement
  • LinkedIn: Build Your Business and Get Paid for The Value You Create
  • How to Become The Only Person Your Prospects Want to Work With
Speaking Engagements 2023

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📊 18-Question Scorecard to diagnose why their LinkedIn activities are falling flat

👩‍💻 Download a LinkedIn Profile Template with links to helpful section guides

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Promotional Talk Synopsis

For use in your promotional materials. This can be adjusted depending on your audience and the title you choose.

“One of the biggest frustrations for people who have been trying to make their LinkedIn efforts work is that nothing seems to change no matter how much time they spend on it. They listen to every guru, attend every webinar and workshop, follow all the advice in books and podcasts, yet still things don’t shift for them.

The reason for this is simple and in this talk, Naomi is going to share with you the fundamental reasons why you’re not winning business on LinkedIn and how, with some simple changes to your approach, you can start winning business via LinkedIn.”

Naomi’s Bio

Naomi-Rose Everly is an Expert LinkedIn Profile Writer Naomi who has spent the last 10 years helping people position themselves as the ‘go to’ expert within their industry and structuring their business so prospects come to them pre-sold and ready to buy. She is the founder of TheProfile.Company and author of Magnetise Your Expertise on LinkedIn, What to Put on Your LinkedIn Profile and Grassroots to Green Shoots.

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Speaking Engagements 2023          Speaking Engagements 2023

A Little Message From Me

Speaking Engagements 2023Hi I am Naomi, and I’ve been critiquing LinkedIn Profiles for 10 years now, first while I was the Head of LinkedIn Training at Europe’s leading LinkedIn training company for two years, and then as part of my own company, TheProfile.Company, for the last 10 years.

My superpowers includes being able to quickly grasp what you do and translate it into words, in such a way that you build rapport with your audience and become the only person they want to work with.

With all my advice, I bring a healthy dose of experience and realism. I know what it takes to establish a business, especially one where you’re selling your expertise as a service, and believe our biggest priority is figuring out a marketing strategy that is right for your business, your audience and, most importantly, you.

Because one thing is for sure – one size does not fit all!

I look forward to sharing my insights with your audience.


What People Are Saying

I had the pleasure of having Naomi on our Marketing Podcast recently (The Monday Morning Marketing Podcast) and found her energetic, informative and responsive. She was able to break down clearly, results based information that would help our listeners improve their LinkedIn Business Profiles. She was on time and very expressive so made the whole experience of having her on the show extremely enjoyable and fun to be a part of. I would highly recommend Naomi for other podcasts and events and would be happy to have her back on again with any updates on LinkedIn at a later date.
Melane Boylan

The Monday Morning Marketing Podcast

Recently Naomi delivered a LinkedIn Surgery for my group and was a LIVE guest on the Gritty Show. She talked about the benefits of LinkedIn and gave up some excellent insight about developing our professional personas. I was highly impressed by Naomi, the level of expertise and how she was able to deliver this in a palatable and professional fashion. I would highly recommend Naomi to any business or organisation looking for an expert to present at one of their events.
Andrew Hatcher

The Monday Morning Marketing Podcast

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Speaking Engagements 2023

What People Are Saying

Naomi speaks excellently and has a unique perspective on LinkedIn Profiles that any audience will engage with.

Thomas Power

Naomi recently presented to a community of women in business and she did a wonderful job. She shared her expertise, answered questions and was extremely knowledgeable and engaging. Her presentation was interesting and relevant and she was able to adapt her materials to the various needs within the group.

I would highly recommend Naomi as a speaker and in her role as a LinkedIn profile writer. Thank you Naomi!

Victoria Fitzpatrick

The Wellbeing Focus & Local Networking Leader

My audience absolutely loved Naomi’s content and the insights she shared. The content she shares goes far deeper than the basics of a LinkedIn profile. Highly recommend.

Steve Thompson


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Naomi’s Books

Speaking Engagements 2023

Magnetise Your Expertise on LinkedIn

In this book, you’ll discover how to build your business so you become the only person your prospects want to work with and get a step-by-step methodology for self-employed business owners to quickly establish their business and get paid for the value they create.

Speaking Engagements 2023

Grassroots to Green Shoots

In this book, Naomi shares insights she gleaned from losing her first coaching business in 2008. It has been critically acclaimed as the book that bridges the gap between what the business experts assume you already know and what you need to know when shifting from employment to entrepreneurship. Read More.

Speaking Engagements 2023

What to Put on Your LinkedIn Profile

This book provides a practical guide for updating your LinkedIn profile so you instantly build rapport with your audience and become the ‘go to’ expert. Last edition was in 2018. You can find up to date information in our training resources