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Do You Know Your Social Selling Score?

by | Aug 6, 2015 | News & Updates, The Profile Company Blog | 0 comments

LinkedIn has made its Social Selling Index Score tool available to all.

A Social Selling Index Score is a tool on LinkedIn that allows you to gain visibility of your company’s activities, discover new opportunities and benchmark yourself against peers and competitors.

Until now, it was only available to companies with 100+ employees and 10 sales reps, but it is now available to all.

To see your score click here

This is an incredible offering from LinkedIn as, along with the score, it also provides tips on how to increase it. Here is a very brief summary:

Do You Know Your Social Selling Score?

Establish your professional brand:

92% of B2B buyers engage with sales professional if they are a well-known thought leader in their industry. The fastest way to establish a strong brand is to craft a well-written profile with the customer in mind and emphasize how you provided value to a client.

Find the right people:

Sales reps who exceed quota engage with their prospects on LinkedIn 39% more than their colleagues. Advanced search functions allow you to quickly focus in on prospects, and remember, all your activity leaves a trace, so ensure you have a profile that will convert if a prospect visits your profile in return.

Engage with insights:

Interestingly, reps that exceed their quotas get 74% more engagement on their posts than those that don’t, and nearly 64% of B2B buyers report they appreciate hearing from a sales person who provides knowledge or insights about their business. Start sharing quality posts your target audience will benefit from.

Build relationships:

73% of B2B buyers prefer sales professional who have been referred by someone they know, and 87% said they would have a favourable impression of a sales person who was introduced to them through a professional network. Take the time to discover who you have in common with your prospect and ask whether they’d be willing to introduce you. Remember to clearly state the value you will add to that person upon introduction so both sides benefit.

To learn more about social selling and how it impacts your business, LinkedIn has this helpful resource that’s well worth a read: How to Guide to Social Selling

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Do You Know Your Social Selling Score?

Do You Know Your Social Selling Score?