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Slideshare connects with LinkedIn- just be careful is a sister company of LinkedIn and is fabulous for uploading presentations and PDFs, especially when adding them to your LinkedIn profile. Slideshare’s status in the web world means it rates highly with search engines making it a vital tool for boosting your presence as well as helping with establishing your brand presence. Click here for ideas on how to make quick content.

Being in partnership together, Slideshare has made it easy to publish content to your LinkedIn profile straight from your Slideshare profile. E.g. You upload to slideshare and click the option ‘Add to LinkedIn profile’.

Only remember to be careful!

This is because it will upload to your profile without you having to do anything more, and it will place it where you request.

However, do you want it there?

When writing profiles for my clients I am always considering the buying journey of the prospect and how they are moving through the profile. Every word and every entry is carefully considered for how it adds too or distracts from the prospects buying journey.

As a prospect moves from ‘not knowing they had a problem’ to ‘suddenly knowing they have a problem’ and thinking only you can solve it for them, you’ll want to answer their questions and objections – and you’ll want to do this before they ask them.

Your goal is to have them walk through your content effortlessly with no hiccups or big choices to make.

Your Rich Content Media (slideshares and PDFs) need to fit the natural thought-path they are on. It needs to add the next layer in the conversation and engage the prospect. Ideally, if they have got as far as clicking through them, you’ll want to be leading them into your normal sales funnel (the place you capture leads from all your social media activity). This could be asking them to join your mailing list, inviting them to connect with you on LinkedIn or inviting them to phone you.

When you have multiple items of Rich Content Media, you leave a prospect with too many choices. They will read the title but, excited by all of them, won’t know what to do next. So overwhelmed by this choice, they’ll likely choose none and simply move away from your profile. 

I always say the rule to Rich Content Media is to have either two or five items at any location, but I only recommend the five if you have five distinct business areas you need to direct people too, making the choice easy for people.

If you have too many, they won’t look at any. 

The wrong number and your profile will look lopsided, unbalanced or incomplete.

So while allows you to easily update your profile (which is fantastic when you know exactly where that item is going) don’t be fooled into clicking ‘Add to profile’ for the sake of it or as a way of sharing your presentations with the world.

If you have plenty to share, consider adding the link to your profile on the list of websites in your contact information, or as part of a ‘call to action’ in the description. Again consider the logical and ideal journey you want a prospect to go on.

Find your slideshares presentations are coming out blurring on your LinkedIn profile? Us too! The solution is simple. Again don’t use the use the automatic Slideshare function. Instead take the link and add it manually to your profile. 

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Slideshare connects with LinkedIn- just be careful

Slideshare connects with LinkedIn- just be careful