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September Newsletter

Welcome to the September Newsletter,

This month’s newsletter is packed with great content from around the web and TheProfile.Company. This month we recorded our first session in an 8-week series of the LinkedIn Business Strategy Course.

Introductory Session to the LinkedIn Business Strategy Course:

The special introductory session is for those people who have checked the LinkedIn Business Strategy Course and yet, still aren’t sure whether it’s right for them. During this session, Naomi will cover some of the fundamental basics you’ll need in place and will answer your questions regarding the LinkedIn Business Strategy Course in more detail.

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Date: Tuesday 18th October

Time: 1-3 pm BST

How to Decide Where to Invest Time in Your Business:

September Newsletter

In this video, I demonstrated a simple approach to help you determine exactly where to invest time in your business to get results.

Running a business is always tricky but never more so if you’re a solo entrepreneur or thought-leader needing to build your reputation to generate leads while winning actual business.

The approach maps out the buying journey a prospect will take with your business and provides clarity on exactly where to put your resources and attention at any time within your business to guarantee you get results.

It’s not the best quality video, but I thought I’d share it with you anyway.

Everyone I have shared it with thus far has said it has instantly helped them make sense of their business and where to focus their time.

About the LinkedIn Business Strategy Course:

September Newsletter

This course is more than just about a LinkedIn profile. You’ll be building (and/or reviewing) some of the most vital components within your business and working them into your profile for maximum results.

The course is designed to teach you how to get leads and what to do with them.

You will uncover exactly how to structure a sales conversation so you can confidently ask the buying question, how to build value in your network so people want to jump on a call with you, how to position yourself as THE industry expert and pitch your business in a way that makes you easy to refer.

What is involved?

  • 8 Weekly Modules
  • Held Online (& Live in Portsmouth, UK)
  • Online Peer Support Group
  • Home play & Workbooks
  • Online Training Portal with Unlimited Access
Online Every Friday at 10am BST, 7pm AEST, 5pm SGT, 2am PST, 4am CDT and 5am EST
Starting Friday 7th October 2016 for 8 consecutive weeks.

Here are the highlights:

September NewsletterIs my LinkedIn profile impacting my working relationships?

We all know the difference between working for someone who trusts us to do a good job and someone that doesn’t. When we’re trusted, our ideas are listened to and encouraged, we enjoy our work and feel respected. When we’re not trusted, we can feel continually frustrated as our efforts are questioned and blocked. Your LinkedIn profile is a vital piece of the puzzle. Read more


September Newsletter

4 Keys For Getting Noticed On LinkedIn

LinkedIn needs to be an integral part of your lead generation and it should work to fill your existing sales funnel, but if the two don’t match, what message are sending? Read more

Here are this month’s highlights:

September Newsletter3 Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Profile a Lead Generation Machine

SOCIAL SELLING THROUGH ACTS OF KINDNESS: Here are few top tips of things you could be doing to raise awareness for yourself while helping someone else.
By now, you probably know social selling isn’t how many calls you can make in an hour—it’s how much trust you can build. Read more



September NewsletterAre You InTouch With Your LinkedIn Strategy?

ARE YOU INTOUCH WITH YOUR LINKEDIN MARKETING STRATEGY? In this article the author makes an interesting reference to his Great-Grandmother making a very interesting point that social relationships and communication hasn’t changed. Read more


September NewsletterCustomers are Willing to Pay for an Amazing Experience

CUSTOMERS ARE WILLING TO PAY FOR AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE: For the most part, that amazing experience is you. People buy from people so expressing your passion for your product/service and industry, will automatically win people to you. Is how you serve your clients expressed on your LinkedIn profile? If not, speak to us! Read more


September NewsletterIt’s Called “Networking” Not “Using”

IT’S NETWORKING NOT USING: Here is a first hand account of why asking directly for what you want doesn’t always get you where you want to go. Relationship truly is everything. We live in a world where ‘givers gain’ so lets get giving! Read more

Motivational Corner:

September NewsletterTony Robbins Reveals The Ultimate Resource To Change Your Life

Did you know we have a motivational corner on our website? Yep and more than that we have helpful videos on our websites to help you build your LinkedIn profile and strategy. Watch here

I hope you found this newsletter useful. We publish lots of content through the month via our LinkedIn Company Page.

Our LinkedIn Business Strategy Course next face to face in our Portsmouth office session will be on Thursday 13th October and online on Friday 14th October. If you’ve read the information and can see the value in it, but just not sure if its right for you, then please call me on 07723 602 353 and I’ll be happy to discuss it with you and offer any insights I can.


Until next time,
September Newsletter