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The world we are living in is changing. With technology revolutionising how we live, our local markets have become global, barriers to entry in business have crumbled, and competition for skills has increased dramatically. Job contracts are now shorter and more people are becoming freelance or starting their own businesses.

Learning how to master our own career trajectory, build our own personal brand and win business is now a basic requirement for many.

Speaking directly to small business owners and solo-entrepreneurs that sell their time for money, Naomi Johnson maps out a clear-cut strategy to build a business selling your expertise and doing what you love.

By implementing this teaching, you’ll quickly position yourself as the ‘go to’ expert within your industry and have your name comes up in all the right conversations so prospects come to you pre-sold and ready to buy.

In this book you will learn how to:

  • How to create a compelling call-to-action that has your prospect eager to speak to you
  • Cultivated a new marketplace where prospects only want to work with you
  • Create attractive packages your prospects will want to buy that also meet your financial outcomes and fulfil you
  • Script sales conversations so they feel natural and lead to the right outcome; whether that is to work with you or recommend you
  • Craft content that speaks directly to your prospects at each stage of their buying journey
  • Position yourself, so you no longer compete on price and you’re the only person your prospect wants to work with.


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