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As we continue to be limited by the disappearance of tradeshows, conferencing, customer open days, LinkedIn has become increasingly important for making this first connection to our target market. Having a professional LinkedIn Profile is now more critical than ever. 

This portal is designed to help you develop your own LinkedIn profile step-by-step.

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Discover why your LinkedIn Profile is so important and how to update it.

LinkedIn Profile

Update your LinkedIn Profile following these vital steps with pre-written content.

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Learn to use LinkedIn so prospects come to you convinced and ready to have a genuine sales conversation.

Introducing the LinkedIn Profile Optimisation Project

The LinkedIn Profile Optimisation Project is an initiative driven by the GBU CT&I Strategic Marketing team and led by Hilde Kelhout, DLL and Naomi Johnson, TheProfile.Company. The following resources have been compiled to help you write your own LinkedIn Profile. The paragraphs and suggestions are currently active on a select group of profiles written by Naomi. If you would like to view these complete profiles, click here.

If you have any questions about this project and its roll-out, please email Hilde.Kelhout@DLLGroup.com 

Portal Home Page

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Why optimize your LinkedIn Profile? We’re know how important LinkedIn is for building relationships, researching prospects, and nurturing leads, but why is the profile so important? And how do you write it so it represents the company but still feels like you?

Portal Home Page

Customize Your LinkedIn Profile

The following pages have been created to help you write your LinkedIn Profile. Each page contains helpful insights into how to approach each section and the purpose behind it. You’ll then find company-specific paragraphs to copy and paste into your LinkedIn Template. Work your way through each page building up your profile.

Get learning how to use LinkedIn

To help you get started using LinkedIn, we’ve included a series of training modules designed to get you started. Read or watch the tutorials and get started building business via LinkedIn today.