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November Newsletter

Welcome to the November Newsletter,

This month’s newsletter is packed with updates regarding on what’s new with our packages. A more detailed discussion on each packages can be found here.

Over the last 18 months, I’ve had the privilege of writing profiles for solo-entrepreneurs, sales teams, authors and Thought-Leaders. The time I get to spend with each person is always inspirational as I get to tap into their dream and reasons for why they do what they do. It is a real honour to be invited to be part of their journey.

When I began the company, I was simply writing LinkedIn profiles for each individual but as time went by I began to see some startling similarities between the clients and the challenges they had. The challenges were present in small businesses as well as in large sales teams in major corporates.

And this is why I developed our LinkedIn Business Strategy Course.

What I saw was that very few clients had the vital elements in place to really build their business on and off of LinkedIn. I saw that even with their profile in place, they were missing some of the vital components needed to succeed.

They were often missing 
– one or two if not all – of the following:
  • Invitation for prospects to get in touch
  • A structured sales process
  • Scripted Sales Calls
  • A Content Strategy
  • Clear products and packages
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • An ideal client avatar
  • A unique value proposition

And of course the need for a LinkedIn profile that matched the psychology of how a modern day prospect buys.

In the 90-minutes I spent interviewing the client for their profile, I would help them make some quick decisions around their ‘Call to Action’ (what they invite a prospect to do next) and the structure of their sales calls. However, it wasn’t enough to make a lasting impact.

So earlier this year, I began turning away clients that didn’t have these vital components in place and instead offered them my 8-part training course.

And the results have been phenomenal with two of the delegates making radical changes that have created them £12k each in new business (and this was before the fourth session!)

You can imagine I am absolutely delighted for them and everyone else that has been engaging with the course online and in-person here in Portsmouth. You can see more testimonials on our page.

Something else I noticed…

Another thing I noticed was that individual’s transitioning from being employed to being full time business owners, needing a lot more support. With my own story of building a powerful business (this time around) and also knowing exactly how to failthere became a need to return to my days as a Personal Performance Coach and apply the knowledge developed during the time I ran the company ‘Marketing Help For Coaches’ between 2010-2012.

Of course, this story is a driving force for why I became an advocate for using LinkedIn to build a business!!

Thus,LinkedIn Accelerator Coaching Programme was born.

Added to this…

Companies I had work with were now asking for further support once their profiles were in place. Prior to now, I have always pushed back on delivering straight LinkedIn training teaching from the front of the room, as personally I don’t believe in it.

However for the last year, I had actually been delivering LinkedIn training to a select number of solo-entrepreneurs in Portsmouth, where I am based – and they were loving it and so was I.

I realised that what I was doing was ‘Just-In-Time’ training that was based in practical application and fully integrated into the strategy we had created for them.
It was at this point I identified a way to support clients with LinkedIn training as well as developing their people as Thought-Leaders that really sat well for me.TheIn-Company Monthly Mentoring Programme was born.

Some things remain the same…

And of course, with all of this, I still offer a complete outsourced solution to writing your LinkedIn profile.

And at the heart of it…

Is supporting you!

Whether you’re a solo-entrepreneur, sales professional or CEO, TheProfile.Company is here to help you create the change in the world that inspires you – and achieve your sales targets at the same time!

We believe in creating genuine and authentic relationships with prospects and this begins with a credible LinkedIn profile that pitches your packages and your expertise in a way that positions you as your prospects’ Trusted Advisor, so when they are ready to buy – they come to you!

If this sounds interesting to you, I’d love to jump on the phone and discuss how I could be helping you. Plus, it will also give me the opportunity to hear how things have been developing for you since we last spoke.

Schedule a time to speak here.

I almost forget to mention! We also completely re-branded and launched a new website complete with ‘How to videos’. We’ve lots more to complete but if you are trying to update your own LinkedIn profile and get stuck, do check them out as we may just have the answer (and if we don’t, ask and we’ll make a video for you!) – click here.

Until next time,

November Newsletter