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As I always say to my clients, there is so much you could do, but success on LinkedIn comes from choosing one or two things that fit with your strategy, and then doing them regularly until you get results.

In this month’s newsletter, I’ve added a few helpful articles to get you moving forward. You will find out how to personalise your invitations to connect (I have included a LinkedIn error that might be driving you mad), and a simple tip to ensure that you convert MORE leads.

Plus, as always, there are helpful and interesting articles from around the web.

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Here are the highlights:

May Newsletter

Don’t be fooled, it’s just not working – Why personalising your invitation on LinkedIn is becoming redundant
When inviting someone to connect with you on LinkedIn, ….Read more

May Newsletter

Do You Make It Easy For People To Call You? 

If you’re in business, adding your phone number to your LinkedIn profile is essential. There are many reasons why: Catch people in buying mode…Read more



May Newsletter

LinkedIn Hack: See Who’s Viewed Your Profile Without Upgrading

There are many benefits to upgrading your LinkedIn account to premium or Sales Navigator. Personally, I never have. I’ve never seen the value or had the business case for it (yet). However…Read more


 Featured Client:

May Newsletter

Caroline Sumners
Having started her business two years ago Caroline discovered her business evolved over time and an adjustment was needed. With over 16 years in marketing, she had begun an incentive travel consultancy which, though successful, she realised wasn’t where her heart and strengths lie. Caroline recognised that her flow and skill was in marketing and it was time to change course. Re-branding at the beginning of 2016, Caroline needed to create a LinkedIn profile that would re-position her as a marketing expert,
while making sense of her incentive travel business – which is still very much alive and well. Caroline needed to demonstrate her extensive experience and results and set herself apart by making it clear exactly how she works with clients and why someone might choose her to manage their marketing strategy. As a result, we created her profile to clearly outline the problem she solves, why she is uniquely positioned to solve it and told her story in a way that builds credibility and answers why she changed direction.

Here is what Caroline said about working with TheProfile.Company

As a business owner it’s so important to ensure that your LinkedIn Profile properly reflects you, your business and your skills, and Naomi is excellent at getting to the essence of this. Naomi’s approach to writing your profile ensures that your profile gets noticed for the right reasons and her collaborative but structured approach is refreshing, and alongside this the added value learning she gives you as to how to get the most out of your linked in profile is invaluable. If you are a business owner Naomi should be on your list of people to work with.


View her complete profile here

How well is your LinkedIn profile performing?

May Newsletter

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Here are this month’s highlights:


May Newsletter
Two Questions People Ask When They First Meet You

FANTASTIC ARTICLE: In her new book, “Presence,” Cuddy says that people quickly answer two questions when they first meet you…Read more



May Newsletter

How to Establish Trust with Senior Level Executives

ACCESS DECISION MAKERS: Sage advise on how to bide your time and act with professionalism when approaching decision makers….Read more


May Newsletter

Why do brands struggle to join in on the conversation?

JOIN THE CONVERSATION: Social media is not a one way conversation, but an interaction. However finding the confidence to respond and find your brand voice can appear daunting. In this article, Joe Edwards of MOI Global, makes a great point…Read more


May NewsletterHow to Make Time for Social Selling

FINDING IT HARD TO FIND THE TIME FOR SOCIAL MEDIA: We understand and you’re certainly not alone. This article shares some excellent tips on how you can make it part of your everyday habits and begin to see ROI…Read more

If you have questions about how to use LinkedIn for your business or unsure how to do something. Please let us know.


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