PODCAST: Make Your LinkedIn Efforts Count – You’ve got Seconds to Make a Good First Impression

by | Apr 3, 2023

Really enjoyed my interview with Jennifer Loehding of Stargirlz! We discussed all things LinkedIn and why a bad LinkedIn Profile will mean all your content and engagement comes to nothing. 

The truth is, posting content and getting engagement is hard work. It takes time to write something insightful and a trusted network and following to get the engagement you need for LinkedIn to boost it to your network (15 comments and 15 likes in 2 hours). 

But what is the point of doing all this if it doesn’t result in new business?

Very little. 

People arrive on your profile in several ways:

They see a piece of content you’ve posted that they found interesting

✅ They read read an insightful comment you posted on someone else’s content

If they have the problem you solve or are curious about what you’ve said, they will come to your profile.

Intrigued, they came scan your profile from top to bottom. Before reading your profile, they will first ask:

👉 Is this well put together?

👉 What is the context of the conversation this person is having with me?

👉 Is it obvious / not obvious what they do and the value they create?

👉 Is this a good use of my time?

If the answer is no, to any of these questions they will move and forget you and all the effort you’ve put into creating posts and commenting on other people’s content, will come to nothing!

If you’re really interesting and your featured content shows you regularly post interesting content, you might get a follow.

But will you win new business?

Will you win a new fan who will mention your name whenever your topic comes up? Unlikely.

Let’s be honest. 

No one signed into LinkedIn today to read your LinkedIn profile. Even if they met you at a networking event and have deliberately logged in to connect with you, if you have a poor LinkedIn profile they’ll dismiss it as the norm – bad profiles so normal – connect with you and move on. 

But what opportunity have you missed?

✴️ What if a quick scan of your LinkedIn profile created an impression and led a person to read it? 

✴️ What if, by reading your profile, your profile visitor learned more about the problem that you solve and why its so critical? 

✴️ What if they were your ideal client? 

✴️ What if they became someone able to articulate to their network why they needed to solve this problem and recommended you? 

✴️ What if, straight from your LinkedIn profile, ideal prospects booked a call in your diary?

These are all the things I discuss in my interview with Jennifer. Check it out now. And make sure to collect your free gifts at the end.

It was an absolute pleasure to speak on this PodCast and have the opportunity to share my perspective on LInkedIn on how to become the only person your prospects want to work with so prospects come to you pre-sold and ready to buy.

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PODCAST: Make Your LinkedIn Efforts Count – You’ve got Seconds to Make a Good First Impression

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PODCAST: Make Your LinkedIn Efforts Count – You’ve got Seconds to Make a Good First Impression

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