LinkedIn Profiles for Private Investors

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LinkedIn Profiles for Investors“I am always recommending Naomi. Since having had my profile revamped, I’ve noticed a marked up take in qualified leads reaching out. She knows exactly how to pitch on LinkedIn to grab attention and build rapport” – Daniel Priestley, Co-Founder of Dent Global

LinkedIn Profiles for Investors

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 For Private Investors

 LinkedIn Profiles

are a vital business tool

LinkedIn Profiles for Investors

Professional Confidence

A well-presented LinkedIn Profile shows you mean business – and what type of business you do. Just as wearing a tailored Amani suit makes an impression, so does your LinkedIn Profile. If you want prospective business owners to be receptive to you, and excited to do business with you – getting a professional profile in place is imperative.  

LinkedIn Profiles for Investors

Marketing Asset

LinkedIn is the professional social media network and the place where your business owners will expect to find you. A simple Google Search for your name will reveal your LinkedIn profile (or your lack of one) and will create an impression, whether you’ve already met your prospect or about to sign the deal.

LinkedIn Profiles for Investors

Hidden Decision Makers

You may have already met your prospect and hooked their interest, but never underestimate the influence of the friends and family that surround a person and how much their opinion will sway them. If your creative solution for buying their business sounds too good to be true, you can guarantee their loved ones will research you.

LinkedIn Profiles for Investors

Start the Relationship the Right Foot

Don’t leave anything to chance. Explain upfront how you do business and why your creative solutions work, so when you meet your prospect (and their family) they’ve already had time to come to terms with the fact their business won’t sell as it is and have instead aligned their expectations with what you may offer.  

LinkedIn Profiles for Investors

Explain Your Vision

When employees find out the company has been sold, they are going to search for you on LinkedIn. Learning about your vision, your business ethos and approach to people development, will put them at their ease. Making the right first impression here is vital, as you’ll need each person in your corner if you’re going to succeed.

LinkedIn Profiles for Investors

Why you?

Transforming a business requires buy-in at every level. Change is often uncomfortable and confronting, especially for people embedded into an organisation. Sharing details about your past experiences, good and bad, will help employees work better with you, be more receptive to challenging new situations and trust you in difficult times.  

How it Works

LinkedIn Profiles for Investors

The Interview

The process starts with an in-depth 90-minute interview via Zoom during which I will ask you lots of questions about your investment strategy, how you approach deals, and your past experiences that position you as a top choice business partner capable of identifying and driving through business transformation.

“The interview with Naomi was invigorating. Naomi provided some powerful insights which allowed me reflect further on my business message and what I am looking to achieve” – Brandon Coluccio, Private Investor, Florida

LinkedIn Profiles for Investors

Writing Magic

Equipped with this information, I will put myself in the position of your ideal prospect (and the hidden decision makers that surround them) and consider what they need to know about you and your offer to be interested. This means working with the psychology of LinkedIn to establish rapport, answer their questions before they’ve asked them and overcome objections, so they feel like they know, like and trust you.

LinkedIn Profiles for Investors

“Naomi really captured the heart of my message. She went well beyond what I told her to research the industry and absolutely nailed the pitch. The profile builds rapport with my visitors and will be a vital part of my marketing mix – Otto Starzmann, Private Investor, New York

LinkedIn Profiles for Investors

Upload & Polish

Once we’ve signed off on the final draft, I will log into your LinkedIn Profile and put everything in place. Together, we’ll identify the content to feature and create a background image that will bring colour to your profile and immediately convey what your profile is about. I’ll then give your profile a polish from top to bottom to ensure you’re looking your very best.

 LinkedIn Profiles for Investors“I am now really proud to send people to my LinkedIn Profile. I highly recommend her”

Steve Rooms, Private Investor, UK

LinkedIn Profiles for Investors

One-Page Website

But I don’t leave things there. With your message now clearly conveyed, I will take this asset and create a one-page website for you designed to deepen your relationship with your prospect. Along with pitching who you are (building on the words from your LinkedIn Profile), the site will put prospects at ease by outlining why businesses get into trouble and how private investing is a valuable solution.

The website and the functional branding Naomi provided was a fantastic bonus I wasn’t expecting. Seeing my message on screen inspired me to develop my brand further and go all out and build a website using Naomi’s words” – Andrew Hartshorn, Private Investor, UK

“Having a website in place with the start of a brand has given me the tools I need to reach out to prospects confidently. Knowing my profile and website provide a consistent message gives me extra assurance and prospects have been much more receptive” – Nick Sinclair, Private Investor, UK

About Naomi

👋 Hi, I am Naomi, and I’ve spent the last decade writing LinkedIn Profiles that position people as the ‘go-to’ expert in their industry, so prospects come to them pre-sold and ready to buy.

And there really is no difference when it comes to positioning yourself as a Private Investor of choice.

When a person lands on your profile its important you consider their mindset in that moment, what they need to hear to become interested in what you’re offering and how you want to leave them feeling.

For your seller, this is a tricky moment in their life. It’s a big decision. To get to this point, they will have invested blood, sweat and tears into their business and, most likely, made a lot of sacrifices. If their business is distress, they may be eager to leave but that doesn’t mean the decision will be taken lightly, especially if you’re not offering the list price for the business.

To be open to your creative solution, and potentially working with you for the next 3-5 years to achieve your buy-out number, they must like you and they be open to what you’re suggesting.

And for them, this isn’t just business. It’s personal.

They aren’t just inviting you into their business, they’re inviting you into their life and their ‘family’. They are buying into the promise of what you can do for them and what their life will be like with you, and after you.

Some may never have considered selling. Some may not know that it’s an option, especially when things are going downhill. And most won’t be prepared to hear about deferred payment options or that their business isn’t worth what they thought it was.

There’s a lot to think about – and I am here to do that for you.

With an MBA in Strategic Leadership, a clear knowledge of Private Investing and a deep understanding of human psychology, especially on LinkedIn – mixed of course, with my wordsmithery skills – I believe I am the perfect choice for writing your LinkedIn Profile.

LinkedIn Profiles for Investors

What People Are Saying

Testimonials from Private Investors

I am always happy to recommend Naomi. Since having my profile revamped by Naomi Johnson, I’ve been more proud to send people there. I’ve used LinkedIn more and seen more inbound enquiries coming from LinkedIn. LinkedIn has ranked me as one of their top performing profiles and I feel that the profile positively reflects our brand a lot more than before the work was done.

Daniel Priestley

Co-Founder of Dent Global

Naomi is great to work with, delivering a 1st class service with acute attention to detail.
It’s nice to have such a professional linked in page and great website and I have received many compliments on both of these vital assets.

Nick Sinclair

Newton Sinclair Private Investors

Naomi has provided me with fantastic support with my LinkedIn profile. She was able to pull out details from my past that I hadn’t seen were relevant and pitch my expertise so my prospects understand the value of what I provide.  Naomi is very professional and I can highly recommend her services.

Steve Rooms

Alderman Grange | Habour Club Ambassador

Naomi is a fantastic writer who can very quickly understand your requirements and pull the information together in a direct but descriptive manner. During the sessions we had you feel that that she is truly focused on the job in hand. I would highly recommend her services, great value.

Costas Polycarpou

Polyteck Group

I am really happy with the profile Naomi wrote for me and how she captured my business message. I am now proud to send people to my LinkedIn Profile. The website and the functional branding Naomi provided was a fantastic bonus I wasn’t expecting. Seeing my message on screen inspired me to develop my brand further and go all out and build a website using Naomi’s words.
Andrew Hartshorn

KDS Associates

I am really happy with the profile Naomi created for me. It sums up what I do and how I want to help transform businesses. Naomi related my past experience to my future work so prospective business owners understand what I bring to the table.
Daniel Bibbey

Bibbey Investments

As a Digital Agency, I’ve worked with plenty of copywriters but speaking to Naomi I instantly knew she was the right person to write my LinkedIn Profile and had a thorough understanding of the platform and what was required. I wasn’t disappointed. The profile really sums up what I do, the types of companies I want to work with and how I want to work with them. She listened carefully to my past experience to pull out the relevant messages that will appeal to my prospects. Naomi also provided me with copy for my website, which was a helpful bonus, as now I can be confident my website and my LinkedIn Profile present a consistent message.
Jon Billingsley

Bing Investments

Naomi wrote me a great LinkedIn Profile that really highlighted my past experience and what I bring to the table as an investor. It outlined how I like to work with people and my approach to business. Naomi has a very professional approach and knows how to appeal to this audience. She delivered the work in a timely fashion and communicated with me every step of the way. I now have a profile and website that match, and can stand confidently behind my brand
Kenneth Rodney

Meerlar Investments

LinkedIn Profiles for Investors

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