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LinkedIn Profile Character Limit Guide

Updated – May 2021

Completing your profile you’ll want to know how many characters you can use in each section. There is nothing worse than designing all the sections only to find you can’t say what you want because LinkedIn haven’t provided you enough room.

So here is a handy guide, from top to bottom, of what you need to know:

Vital Info
First Name: 20 characters, Last Name: 40 characters.
Professional Headline: 220 characters
Vanity URL: 29 characters after
IM (Instant message): 25 characters
Address: 1000 characters
Website Anchor Text: 30 max characters.
Website URL: 256 max characters.
Phone number: 25 characters

Profile Sections
Summary: 2,500 characters
Position Title: 100 characters
Position Description: 2000 maximum characters.
Skills: 80 characters per Skill.

Your Company page:
Company Name: 100 maximum characters.
Company Page: 2000 maximum characters
Company logo: 300px x 300px PNG, JEG or GIF Max. 4MB
Banner image: 1584px x 394px PNG, JEG or GIF Max. 2MB

Addition items that will help you:
Company Update: 600 characters or 250 if including a link.
LinkedIn Status Update: 1200 maximum characters.
Recommendation: 3,000 characters
LinkedIn Publisher Post Headline: 100 maximum characters
LinkedIn Publisher Post Body Text: 40,000 characters

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LinkedIn Profile Character Limit Guide

LinkedIn Profile Character Limit Guide