Transforming Martin Stead’s LinkedIn Profile to Position Him As An Expert

by | Apr 19, 2023

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My client, Martin Stead, has just launched his brand new #linkedinprofile, and it’s ready for the world to see! As his business consultant, I am thrilled to share the transformation we’ve achieved in just a few short months.

When Martin approached me in February, he wanted to win more business via LinkedIn. He took my 18-Question Scorecard, and we quickly realized that he needed more than just a profile to achieve his goals.

Together, we worked on articulating his business story and identifying why he’s a first-choice, credible expert to work with. We moved him away from charging a day-rate and got him to charge for the value he creates, creating enticing packages for his prospects that provide him with the capacity to work with multiple clients and the freedom to choose when he works.

We developed a 5-stage methodology for his client transformation, allowing him to develop assets, build value into his business, and scale. With these packages and methodology in place, Martin can now easily pitch the value of his services to his clients and show them where they are in the transformation process at any time.

We also supported him through the build of his Scorecard with ScoreApp and how to integrate it into his lead generation and sales process, among many other things.

Now, we’re in the process of testing and refining the above while building Martin’s following online. Here’s what Martin has to say:

“Working with Naomi has been the best decision I made when establishing my new business. I may have thought I was getting a bespoke LinkedIn profile and a bit more, but actually; it was a whole lot more! Naomi has guided me through a myriad of decision-making critical to shaping my service offer, while also keeping me accountable for progress.”

Following Naomi’s strategy course has undoubtedly got me to a better place than would have on my own, and I am delighted with my new profile, but the launch of this is only part of the journey which I am pleased to be continuing with Naomi.”

I am so proud of the work we’ve done together, and I can’t wait to see Martin’s success continue to grow.

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Transforming Martin Stead’s LinkedIn Profile to Position Him As An Expert

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Transforming Martin Stead’s LinkedIn Profile to Position Him As An Expert

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