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Session 5

Facebook Live Q&A about LinkedIn

For the 5th session, Naomi opted to have a Facebook Live Q&A where she answers the questions about LinkedIn from people who are watching it live. Below are the summary of the questions along with Naomi’s answers.

How to balance personal and professional branding on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a professional platform with business at the top of the agenda. Therefore you should always write your LinkedIn profile from this standpoint. Of course behind the business persona is a real person, so adding in character and sharing why you’re passionate about what you do is going to make a powerful profile.

There is a big difference between your LinkedIn profile and your website. Your website is more of an online brochure where people engage with the company brand, and not necessarily the people within it. LinkedIn however, is where the person meets you as an individual, and your company brand takes second place. They are interested in hearing about you and your company from your perspective.

A LinkedIn profile is a personal connection and, done well, can build rapport and create loyalty. You can begin a relationship with your prospects.

Should I write my LinkedIn profile in first or second person?

Always first person. This is your opportunity to build a one-to-one relationship and build rapport with your prospect, and establish loyalty. This can only be established if they feel they had the chance to speak to you and hear your thoughts on a subject.

Should you have more than one profile?

The answer is no because there’s just one of you. If you are doing multiple things, you need to find the theme that binds all areas together and lead with that. This could be mission or a problem you want to solve in the world, or a specific set of values. For people who own multiple diverse businesses, this could simply be ‘Entrepreneur’. If you own a beauty salon and a B&B, and view them as investments, rather than interconnected businesses that you’re passionate about, then you are an Entrepreneur. Once you find this theme, lead with this message in your summary and point to each of your different businesses.

Do you need to upgrade to a premium account?

The free account has a great deal of functionality and plenty to be getting started with. The Premium account provides you more of the same, so before upgrading you’ll want to be sure you’re getting the most from what you already have and know how to use it. I always work by the rule of Return on Investment (ROI). If I am going to invest £70 a month in something, I want to know I’ll earn £700 that I couldn’t have earned elsewhere by not doing this.

If you don’t have clear packages and a sales structure, I would imagine this would be hard to measure. You need your business in a place where you are ready to focus on business and scale. If you haven’t yet, or are not in a season, for focusing on sales, then upgrading isn’t a good option. You can achieve all the advantages you need with the free account.

LinkedIn’s package ‘Sales Navigator’ however is fantastic for sales teams with many good feature, and obviously a business at this stage would have these things in place.

How do you use the advanced search?

For example, I’m looking for businesses dealing with French market in Portsmouth area?

1. Click on the advanced search button.
2. Under Relationship, select 1st-degree connections first so that you’d know who are already on your network that you can approach. Then you can do another search using the same terms but this time, select the 2nd-degree connections to see who you need to be asked to be invited to.
3. Then under the Location drop-down menu, select Located in or near the UK then add the first part of Portsmouth’s postal code which is PO1.
4. We can’t do School, Company, First and Last Names because we don’t know it.
5. We can, however, put something in the Title field, the type of person inside the organisation that will be responsible for this translation.
6. Put in the related Keywords of what you’re looking for.
7. Then click the Search button.
8. Click Save Search if you want to access your search results in a later time.
9. You can also make use of the Boolean Search.

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