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Session 1

Is LinkedIn right for my business?

LinkedIn is rated the number one platform when it comes to developing B2B relationships, but is it right for your business? In this 10-minute video, Naomi will outline the benefits of LinkedIn and exactly who it is for. If you conclude LinkedIn is the right platform for you, the next session will show you how to get started…. 

Session 1 – Why LinkedIn

Why use LinkedIn to Build Your Business?

  • 450 million members in more than 200 countries
  • An additional 2 new members joining every second
  • Boasts the biggest and most comprehensive database of the key players most entrepreneurs need access to
  • Easily find, connect and engage with the key investors, partners and potential customers you need to grow your business
  • Quickly search and scale 1-on-1 relationships inside LinkedIn
  • Number 1 network for Business to Business relationships where you’re allowed to talk solely business
  • Establish yourself as your prospect’s Trusted Advisor
  • Become an Industry Thought-Leader
  • Leverage the trust in your network and open doors of opportunity
Session 1 – Why LinkedIn

Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn’s co-founder and billionaire investor, says:

“If an entrepreneur is not using LinkedIn, I can nearly guarantee you that is not going to be a successful entrepreneur in this day and age. At this point, it’s almost a basic IQ test.”

And I agree!

You might think this is bias coming from the co-founder of LinkedIn, but when it comes to Return on Investment, LinkedIn is hands-down the best place to establish your personal brand, and reach out and develop new business relationships – and it’s free!

Leveraging the Trust in Your Network

I often refer to LinkedIn as your ‘Trust Bank Account’. When you invest your money in a Bank Account you gain interest. We all know that storing money in jars around our house isn’t going to do us much good, and it is exactly the same with our network. If we have little pockets of people and connections all over the place, we won’t be getting the same value as if bring them all together in one place.

For the business owner, this is definitely via LinkedIn.

The value of your network is the trust you have stored up. It is someone’s opinion of you, their belief in your professional ability and skill, their trust in your character and their willingness to help you succeed.

Tap into this and you’ll quickly build your business.

Session 1 – Why LinkedIn

Follow your internal Social Compass

If you feel nervous about doing something, or just uncomfortable, don’t follow the advice “Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway”. When it comes to social selling, social media, digital marketing (whatever you want to call it), you really need to follow your intuition.

If something doesn’t feel right – don’t do it.

We have all been born with an internal guidance system and know when we are overstepping the mark and pushing a relationship further than it is ready for. Use this to your advantage and act natural. Respect natural boundaries and normal protocol, and behave online just as you would offline.

Session 1 – Why LinkedIn

Your Wealth is In Your Network

This is a popular definition of wealth and it suggests that:

Your wealth is what you’re left with when all your money is gone.

That if you were to lose your business, your home and basically everything you own, you are still wealthy if you have a good reputation and a good network ready to support you when you start again. With the right people in your circle, you can achieve anything.

Before Next Session

Start to build your own LinkedIn network with a minimum of 200 connections, but don’t limit it there. Ask those on this programme to connect with you.

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