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by | Dec 19, 2017 |

The experience section is an essential part of your profile as it lets people find out more about you and how you are qualified to help them.

Beyond featuring the logo of the companies you have worked for along with your own, you also have the chance to tell people about your accomplishments during this role. It can be tempting to just add content from your CV and talk about the functional role you played, or list key achievements, but it is in this section we have to be clever.

Remember, your audience aren’t recruiters, so don’t write for them. Your audience is your friends, family, colleague and those you meet at networking. They don’t want to relate you in keywords but in real terms.

When writing the experience section of your profile, focus on telling the story of your accomplishment. Set the context by outlining what the company did and even the economic climate at that time if it is relevant.

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