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In-Company LinkedIn Strategy Mentoring

Naomi Johnson

Lead Trainer at TheProfile.Company

At TheProfile.Company we are always focused on results, which we measure by the number of actual sales appointments you book with ideal prospects.

With over 550 million members around the Globe, LinkedIn is the place to be when looking to build your business and establish your expertise.

However, being ‘Social’ alone won’t get you results.

Instead, it requires a clear strategy focused on creating tangible business outcomes. It requires standing out from the crowd and building genuine, authentic relationships with your network and beyond. It requires you to become your prospect’s Trusted Advisor so that when they are ready to buy, they come to you.

At TheProfile.Company, this is where we help. Along with LinkedIn training, we’ll work with you to position your staff as industry Thought-Leaders that prospects want to listen to. We begin by creating engaging LinkedIn profiles and then work with you on a monthly basis to create and share content that reaches out to ideal prospects so they join your sales funnel.

Our blended learning approach means we can provide the insight and flexibility you need to get results.

Discover our training

Company Strategy

To ensure your strategy pays off, we need to make sure everything is lined up perfectly. Your results depend on everything from how you present your company to how you introduce new starters to your LinkedIn Strategy.

A LinkedIn Profile Style Guide

This isn’t to make everyone look the same but rather provide guidance on how to personalise their profile so you have the very best chance of building a following and winning new business. After all, the LinkedIn profile of each member of your team is contributing your company’s overall brand impression.

A Company Page Style Guide

Reflect your brand voice and personality in each post you write so prospects get to know you and recognise your content. Learn to create posts that have an impact (which is far more important than traditional metrics)

New Starter Kit & Exit Videos 

We’ll provide you with a full new starter kit so new team members get up to speed with your LinkedIn strategy and policy as soon as they join the company. Plus, invite your outgoing staff to create the best impression of your company by updating their profile should they leave.

Fill Your Sales Funnel

A Structured Content Plan that integrates into your sales funnel and wins you new business. We don’t believe in content for content’s sake. The content we’ll create will meet prospects at each stage of their buying journey and position your company as the ‘go to’ experts in your industry

Maximising content visibility

Amplify your message further by getting your message out into the network of your employees, suppliers and clients.

In-Company LinkedIn Strategy Mentoring

Build Relationships

There is no room to be lazy when it comes to selling via a Social Media Platform. We only get one chance to build a relationship and make an impact. Traditional marketing methods do not apply.

Sales Training

The real value of LinkedIn happens off the platform. Learning to navigate conversations naturally and invite people to attend a sales appointment that they want to come to and will tell others about is the key to making your LinkedIn strategy successful.

In-Company LinkedIn Strategy Mentoring

Initial contact telephone scripts/training 

Along with our training, we’ll provide you with scripts and templates to help embed the learning. Not only will this give your team confidence to use it but also help them embed it into their day-to-day work so it becomes a natural part of them and therefore your brand.

Generating new leads

Along with generating organic leads via LinkedIn, we’ll also show you how to build your LinkedIn network and influence with advanced LinkedIn strategy and off-line activities so your marketing efforts continue to yield ROI long into the future.

Developing Direct Message Sequences 

No one likes template emails into their inbox. We’ll work with you to create email templates that build relationships and offer something of real value.

Thought Leaders

Every person in your team has a voice, and therefore the power to influence their network and change the conversation. Investing in your people is one the most powerful things you can do as it gives you the best chance of winning new business.

Customised LinkedIn Profiles 

Let your team shine and share their expertise and insights by positioning them as experts within their industry that are worth listening to. Along with text that pitches the company, we’ll also pitch the individuals as a Trusted Advisor/Thought-Leader and Expert according to their level of confidence and customer engagement.

LinkedIn Publisher 

We’ll get your team members engaging with your audience by sharing carefully crafted and valuable articles your prospects will want to read.

Building an Audience

Working with your existing social media time to promote the content we create together, we’ll work with you to build your network organically through connections, introductions and groups.

In-Company LinkedIn Strategy Mentoring

Create Content

Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes to see their value and find their voice. Along with providing strategy skills training, we’ll also work with your people to get the very best out of them so they feel confident sharing content and engaging with prospects.

Who is it for?

In-Company LinkedIn Strategy Mentoring

Established Businesses

Those with a clear value proposition, established products/services, and a mission to grow.

In-Company LinkedIn Strategy Mentoring

Campaign Focused

Those who are running a campaign and are focused on achieving sales targets.

In-Company LinkedIn Strategy Mentoring

Dedicated Sales Persons

Those with a minimum of one dedicated sales person in place and talented staff that want to be forerunners in their industry.

Why a Monthly Mentoring Programme?

From experience, we know that training alone doesn’t work. It is only when learning is applied immediately, and in context, that, it is retained.

Working with you to deliver your strategy, we can provide the right training modules just as you need them, and because we see you each month we can quickly evaluate your understanding of key points and provide clarification where needed.

Plus, we’ll see your strategy unfold with you, so we can assess results with you and adjust the course until it produces results. Sessions involve a blend of coaching, training and strategic input.

Included in the package:

Until we create a strategy and get it underway we won’t know exactly what you need. The key to this programme is its flexibility and our ability to partner with you to get results.

Strategy Session

To kick-start our work, we’ll begin with a half-day strategy session with your senior team. We’ll go over your organisational goals and current marketing activities to create the perfect LinkedIn strategy for your business. Following the session, you’ll receive a strategy document with a detailed action plan and expected timeline.

LinkedIn Profiles

We’ll write the LinkedIn Profiles of your key players plus provide a model template and style guide for the rest of your team, providing additional support where needed. Where necessary we can also support with additional copywriting to make sure the project has the very best chance of success.

In-Company LinkedIn Strategy Mentoring

Team Training

Often it isn’t just one person involved in executing a project. Where needed, we’ll deliver group training as well as rally along the team to follow through with the strategy. This might include bite-size classes, lunchtime learning and/or training videos.

Copy Writing/ Campaigns

Working with you and each unique situation, we’ll help you to craft template messages and sequences that feel personalised and engage your audience. These templates can also be developed for campaigns. We’ll also provide practical feedback for your articles and status updates so your team create content that impacts.

Our Online Training Portal

All training modules, videos and personalised content will be stored in our online training portal ensuring you keep everything in one place. You can log in and access the training at any time, plus send new starters there to learn so they quickly get up to speed with your strategy.

Induction & Exit Strategy Videos

Together we’ll create customised videos introducing new employees to your mission on LinkedIn and invite them to be part of it. We’ll also create videos telling staff how to update their profile when they leave – after all your name and brand will be on their profile forever!

In-Company LinkedIn Strategy Mentoring

Monthly Coaching & Support

Working with you over the phone or face-to-face (as location allows) your dedicated project manager will receive 3 hours of personalised coaching per month. This time can either be used as a half-day block or in shorter timeslots throughout the month to keep momentum. It can also be used for additional team training.

Linkedin Sales Training

Often it isn’t just one person involved in executing a project. Where needed, we’ll deliver group training as well as rally along the team to follow through with the strategy. This might include training sessions, bite-size classes, lunchtime learning and/or training videos. This training won’t just be focused on how to use the platform but rather how to engage prospects and book sales appointments. Where needed further sales training can be provided.

Content Strategy

Centred around your LinkedIn Company Page we’ll help you develop quarterly content plans to build your following. We’ll also support you to increase your audience reach further by engaging your team.

Performance Coaching

As we’ll be meeting with your Thought-Leaders every month, we’ll be able to catch-up on how they’re doing and identify any blocks in their way, whether time management or self-confidence. So along with LinkedIn training, your team will also benefit from a high level of performance coaching.

In-Company LinkedIn Strategy Mentoring

Just-in-Time Training

LinkedIn training will be delivered on time when you need it! We stagger our training to match the actual marketing strategy being carried out at that moment, so what you learn is implemented immediately. This means the training has the potential to deliver results and ensures your staff actually masters the platform.

We’ll also be on hand during the month to provide extra clarification and support. Our online support method means your team can receive a personalised response to their query within 24 hours.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

If your team is using Sales Navigator we can show you how to get the very most from it. Although we don’t get involved reaching out to your leads, we can certainly oversee and monitor activity, as well as responses, and provide insights to help create better engagement.

Book an Appointment

If you think this programme is for you, the we invite you to have a conversation with us. On the call, we’ll assess whether this is the right step for you and give you the insights you need to move forward with your LinkedIn Strategy.

About Naomi Johnson

Naomi Johnson is the founder of TheProfile.Company, and the author of ‘What to Put on Your LinkedIn Profile’ & ‘Grassroots to Green Shoots’.

With extensive experience in sales, marketing and personal branding, Naomi works with companies to translate their brand message into engaging and professional LinkedIn profiles, written in the first person, that create the ‘know, like, and trust’ factor needed to facilitate introductions and bring in sales.

Having reviewed hundreds of LinkedIn profiles as the Head Training Consultant for one of the world’s leading LinkedIn training companies, Naomi knows first-hand how most people’s profiles are doing little to build their personal brand.

Naomi ran the Rock Your Profile stand at LinkedIn’s annual conference Talent Connect in 2013 & 2014 and provided strategic consultation to many of the world’s leading organisations. She has written profiles individuals at Oracle, Canon, Asda, Coca-Cola and Facebook. Her passion lines in helping individuals establish their personal brand and fulfil their dreams.

Beginning her career working for several corporates, Naomi has achieved a business degree, obtained CIPD qualifications, and run several companies. She continually invests in her learning, namely, Daniel Priestley’s ‘Key Person of Influence’ whose principles shape the LinkedIn strategies she provides her clients.