Why this works….

Have you ever brought a product from someone just because you liked them even though you knew you could buy it cheaper down the road? Have you ever begun listening to a sales pitch, adamant that you weren’t going to buy, but by the end felt compelled to part with your last penny to have it? Have you ever introduced someone you’ve just met to your most precious contact and felt great for doing so?

If so, then you’re no stranger to what we’re going to talk about.

The truth is, in business, despite what textbooks say and business degrees teach, an age-old truth still stands true; people buy people! And that will never change. In fact, with mass production and consumption the way it is, it has become truer than ever. We may think our buying decision was based on logic, but actually we only use logic after a purchase to justify our decision to ourselves and those around us.

What this means is that the quickest way to do business is to just be you!

By being you, you’ll naturally connect with the people easiest to do business with and have more fun doing so. When you provide a genuine service that adds value, you’ll quickly surpass the need for a big marketing budgets and fancy branding. Why? Because your customers will become your walking talking billboards, transferring the trust they have in you to each new prospect, quickly advancing any new sales conversation.

Sounds good right?

The problem is, in reality it’s easier said than done. But we have the solution.

At TheProfile.Company, we work with solo entrepreneurs, sales teams and CEOs to build LinkedIn profiles that aid and assist in the buying decision of any prospect.

With 350m+ members, and a new member joining every two seconds, LinkedIn has become the number one place for researching people, with Google ranking LinkedIn profiles 2nd in all name based search results.

This makes your LinkedIn profile a vital piece of real estate!

A good profile:

☞ Accurately positions you, your skills and the value of what you have to offer

☞ Excites your prospect as to what’s possible and that you might be the solution

☞ Adds value to the market place, setting you up as the ‘go to’ person in your industry

☞ Turns away those who aren’t your ideal clients, while leaving them inspired enough to recommend you to those who are

☞ Makes you easy to refer with referrers being thanked for the valuable introduction to you

☞ Leaves your prospect feeling they know, like and trust you and want to do business with you

☞ Leads prospects to get in touch in an effective way for both you and them

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