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June Newsletter

Welcome to the June Newsletter,

I do hope your month has been a good one. Time really does go quickly and here we are again with the monthly sum up.

And what a month it has been with the announcement of the sale of LinkedIn. Who ever saw that coming? Apparently, the deal was signed for a month before it was announced. It didn’t take long for the internet to flood with articles and opinions on what it would mean – and of course I jumped in with my own thoughts (article below).

Below are the key highlights from TheProfile.Company as well as the web. If you would like to receive news and updates as they are released please do follow our company page.

*** DID YOU KNOW? ***
You may or may not know that we have a YouTube channel and last week I released a lot of ‘How to’ videos. If you’re wondering how to do something on LinkedIn, be sure to check it out. If you can’t find your answer email me back and I’ll see what I can do to answer.

Here are the highlights:

June NewsletterMicrosoft Buys LinkedIn

The news that LinkedIn has been sold to Microsoft is still relatively fresh as I start to digest exactly what this will mean in the long term. In our immediate future -not much- as even the employees of LinkedIn have been told. However, change is inevitable, but will we all be happy with where it takes us? Read more


June NewsletterLinkedIn Finally Delivers Much Needed Upgrades

You may have noticed that last week I wasn’t in the least bit pleased with the fact that LinkedIn had removed the button for ‘Reply Without Accepting’ for invitations. This is a tool which I use daily and it is also a tool which I consider vital on LinkedIn.Well, as it turns out it was only gone for a few days and now it’s back – and it’s better…Read more


June Newsletter


Receiving a thank you, word of encouragement, or testimonial means something to most people, but for those building their personal brand on LinkedIn, a recommendation makes the perfect gift—not just because of the feel-good buzz they’ll get, but also because of the long-term impact your endorsement will have on their business or career…. Read more


June Newsletter is a sister company of LinkedIn and is fabulous for uploading presentations and PDFs, especially when adding them to your LinkedIn profile. Slideshare’s status in the web world means it rates highly with search engines making it a vital tool for boosting your presence as well as helping with establishing your brand presence. Only remember to be careful!. Read more



Here are this month’s highlights:

June NewsletterThe 6 real issues hiding behind the 3 typical scapegoats

All over the Western World I see such division and craziness – especially in the political arena. It’s driven by the anger and frustration many people feel about their lives. A lot of this anger seems to be directed at the big three scapegoats…Read more



June NewsletterWhat Inspired You to Connect with Me?

I’ve recently added something new to my connection process on LinkedIn. Whenever somebody invites me to connect, I ask what inspired them to connect with me.It’s been very interesting to see the diversity of responses…
 Read more


Remember, if you have friends or colleagues curious about LinkedIn and unsure what to do with their LinkedIn profile then please do send them my way. I’ll be happy to have a chat with them and see how I can help.

Until next time,
June Newsletter