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July Newsletter

Welcome to the July Newsletter,

We’ve some exciting news!

Our new website is now up and ready to use. Why is that important to me? I hear you ask. Well it’s designed especially for you with helpful videos, talks, tutorials and even a section called ‘Motivational Moments’ for when your day needs that extra little boost.

I’ve added lots of helpful videos to answer some of your questions when uploading your LinkedIn profile.

Check it out at: TheProfile.Company

Here are the highlights:

July NewsletterUsing LinkedIn to establish your personal brand podcast

This month I had the honour of being the first guest speaker for the Association of Sales Professional first ever podcast ‘The Seller’. It’s a really great piece of content covering why businesses need good LinkedIn profiles and how to introduce it to their teams. Read more





July NewsletterGet more value from networking by connecting on LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn profile headline is as important as your business card and they need to match. If your business card says one thing and your profile says another, then this could leave people wondering if they have found the right person. Read more



July Newsletter


Video is perfect for letting people spend time ‘with you’ and gain an insight into you and your company. Seeing you in motion, talking, and sharing your insights accelerates the speed at which someone develops trust in you and it has numerous advantages.

However, when you consider how your prospect will generally interact with LinkedIn, you’ll quickly start to understand why you also need a SlideShare alongside it to compliment. Read more

Here are this month’s highlights:

July NewsletterDent | Environment Dictates Performance

ENVIRONMENT DICTATES PERFORMANCE: Learn how to beat procrastination by not trying and dramatically change your results. Watch here



July NewsletterRise Above the Noise: Put the Thought Back Into Thought Leadership

RISE ABOVE THE NOISE: Great article from LinkedIn on the importance of customising your LinkedIn profile with a valuable new resource. Read more



July Newsletter

It’s Sell or Die Because Sales Are the Lifeblood of Every Company

SALES ARE THE LIFEBLOOD OF A COMPANY: Keeping a close eye on sales is imperative for any business. Here are some top tips to keep you moving and keep you focused on building your sales funnel. Read more

If you have questions about your linkedin profile or would like us to make a video on how to do something on LInkedin, then please let us know by emailing me at Naomi@TheProfile.Company.

Until next time,
July Newsletter