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How to Write Your Current Experience EntryINSTRUCTIONS:


To add a new entry to your LinkedIn Experience Section click on the + sign to the right of the section title.


To edit an existing entry, click on the pencil to the right of the entry.

upload tips:


Map out your profile in a word document first


Switch on ‘Share with network’ so it announces your update to your network giving you valuable business exposure. Make sure you have finalised the entry first so you only do it once.


Click ‘I currently work here’ for the date to remain ‘Date – Present’


Avoid clicking ‘Update my headline’ as this will overwrite a manual entry i.e. a headline you’ve written yourself


To learn how to add a company logo for your entry [click here]


You can only re-organise experience entries on LinkedIn that are set to ‘Present’  i.e. Date – Present. To find out how, click here.

How to Write Your Current Experience Entrywriting tips:


As it is likely this is the first paragraph your prospect will read on your profile, re-state the problem you solve and set the context for what you’re about to say


If you’re part of a team, outline your role relevant to what a prospect actually needs to know. Focus on the problem you solve and the value you bring, not your functional tasks. Use just one paragraph for this no more than 3 lines.


Outline the packages you offer so prospects get an idea what working with you might look like. Try to avoid listing features.


Order the packages from big to small with the last being your Gift for Prospects which is also your call to action or diagnostic. This way the person will know what you do (core package), feel relief at your mid-range prospect and be happy to take your free diagnostic as an easy starting point. 


Include your contact details in the text.


Use Rich Content Media to continue the conversation with your prospect by providing tailored, purposeful content that assists them in their buying decision.


Use a maximum of the 3 items to avoid overload.


Re-order open experience entries as needed based on where your business focus is at any one time. You can only re-order open positions.


Add your company logo to the entry. For this, you will need to connect to the official company page. Avoid using Rich Content Media (attachments) for your logo. They look out of place, have no helpful functionality and waste valuable retail space. 


If the company has evolved over time, consider writing an additional entry; one for the past detailing the story of the company, accomplishments and why it has evolved, and one for the company today that pitches your services as described above. Close the time period to match the date the new entry starts.

key facts

2000 characters including spaces
You can have multiple open positions

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