‘How to Get Your LinkedIn Profile Award-Ready’ Product

Thanks for signing up and accessing the ‘How to Get Your LinkedIn Profile Award-Ready’ webinar.

As I mentioned before, I am creating this as a product to be priced between £47-147. It will go up in price as I add in new content and see clients achieving real results from it.

Thus, when recording this I really aimed to leave nothing out!

But this is where I need your help! – cos I probably did!

If you didn’t attend the session live, you won’t have been able to ask your questions!

So I have a solution.

To help me make a really great product I need you involved.

I want to create something fabulous that solo entrepreneurs, authors, speakers and sales teams all over the world can really benefit from (as not everyone has my services in their budget).

So here is what I propose:

You can keep the 2 hour full recording for free plus the LinkedIn profile template…. (please retain the password in the email as we won’t be able to re-send it later).

…And if you can see the value in being able to access and review the content in bite size chunks, ask your questions about using the platform and receive an answer via video (so you can watch it again and again), then I have a proposal for you!

An early bird price to access the product and be part of its creation for just £29+VAT. 

I am offering:
– ‘How to Get Your LinkedIn Profile Award-Ready’ webinar 2-hour session broken into bite size, easy to digest pieces
– Workbooks and planners
– A LinkedIn Profile Draft Template
– Specially tailored ‘How to videos’ and answers to your questions plus
– Free copy of my book What to Put on Your LinkedIn Profile (RRP £9.99)

For £29+VAT

I know also said ‘no sales pitch’ but.. I figured there is so much potential in what I am creating here it would be great to have you along for the journey, benefiting from working with me directly- and honestly someone has to pay to keep the lights on while I do! Plus, by signing up I’ll know this is a resource people actually want and how they want it!

If you would like to receive it – please click here.

You will be added to our mailing list and receive all the edits and updates as they are released. The page will take you to the general download for now, but I promise to email you with changes and content as I create them over the next week or two.

If you have any questions, or just think ‘Naomi can you just write my LinkedIn profile for me’ and forget all this – then please click here and I will be happy to chat.

For now, take care and I’ll see you soon!
‘How to Get Your LinkedIn Profile Award-Ready’ Product