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LinkedIn Myths #2: I need a large number of connections for LinkedIn to work for meGet Your Free Copy

The Expert Economy by Naomi Johnson

A Step-By-Step Methodology for Self-Employed Business Owners to Quickly Establish Their Business and Get Paid for the Value They Create

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LinkedIn Myths #3: I need to build a following

So much emphasis is put on gaining followers today (as well as ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ of our posts), that few people focus on what’s really important. Because let’s be honest, if we had all the clients we needed, how many of us would bother with social media? For the time and energy it takes, I would say, not many (unless you’re in marketing or love doing it more than the area you’ve built your expertise up in).

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The Expert Economy

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Discover a step-by-step methodology for self-employed business owners to quickly establish their business and get paid their worth.

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Every member of your team has a voice and is representing your brand, whether you like it or not. Discover how to empower your team to use LinkedIn to influence your marketplace.

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