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How Do I Get My Company Page out of Beta

It appears that the new LinkedIn Company pages are still in Beta which means a very unsightly look and feel to the URL displayed when looking at your own company page. 

The link is important as it is this link that we use to invite people to follow our company page. In buttons and links we can disguise it with a hyperlink, however this isn’t the case when sending a LinkedIn message or other places you can’t use a link.

It appears though that even though this unsightly link appears to us, our company pages do in fact have a smart URL.

Take my new company page The Expert Economy.

To my view the URL is 

However, on contacting the helpdesk it appears that there is a customised URL associated with my page. They tell me will also re-direct to the same beta page.

This is comforting to know, however it doesn’t help that there is no where within my account that tells me this is my URL. I would have to simply guess that LinkedIn have placed the dash between each word, and I would have to remember this (and check it) each time I want to share it with someone. As soon as you load this URL it diverts to the correct page, but also re-appears as a beta page link.

If you’re coming to your page brand new, I guess you are just going to have to guess what the pretty URL is before you start using it.

Just remember, if you are going to use the beta link (when you can get away with it) make sure you are in ‘Member View’ before copying the website URL. 

So in conclusion, you can’t customise the page URL but there will be a pretty one associated with the name you’ve chosen. There is no way to work out what this name is, you’ll just have to work by trial and error. Both the pretty link and the beta company page link will divert to the same page. 

Again this appears a poorly thought through attempt to ‘make things simpler’.

If you see an update or changes to this please be in touch using the comments below or for a faster response Naomi@TheProfile.Company

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How Do I Get My Company Page out of Beta

How Do I Get My Company Page out of Beta