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How to Get your LinkedIn Profile ‘Award Ready’ Webinar Recording

Being nominated for an award is fantastic recognition for all your hard work, and it’s also the perfect opportunity to raise your profile and win new business.

But is your LinkedIn Profile Award ready?

No matter what you’re nominated for, you’ll want a LinkedIn profile that reflects the quality and stand of your business and quickly allows people to see why you were nominated.

Beyond that, you’ll also want a LinkedIn profile that converts interest into buying clients.

In this webinar, I am going to show you:

  • Why LinkedIn is a vital tool in your marketing mix
  • How to build a profile that reflects who you are (and why you were nominated in the first place)
  • How to raise awareness for your business, mission and cause
  • How to establish you as the expert in the mind of those visiting your profile and makes you easy to refer
  • How to use each section of your profile to establish your credibility and engage your audience
  • How to create an authentic profile that builds the ‘Know, Like and Trust’
  • How to meet your prospects where they are at in their buying journey and position you as their trusted expert
  • How to filter out prospects so you get targeted, qualified leads
  • plus a lot more (I am known for over delivering)


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