Customize Your LinkedIn Profile


Download the Template.

Plan each section of your new LinkedIn Profile by using this template. Once downloaded make sure to save to your computer. Use the links within to navigate to the training pages you need, or work through the training pages in sequence using the training below. 


Access The Training

There is a science and an art to a good LinkedIn Profile. Here we have provided you suggested text and paragraphs to get you started. Make sure to read the introductory text explaining how to use the section first. You’ll also find helpful tips and upload instructions on each page. Work your way through from beginning to end, or use the navigation menu to delve back into the section you need.

Find the section you need:


Upload Your Profile

Once you’re happy with your new LinkedIn Profile it’s time to upload it. You’re probably very familiar with editing your LinkedIn Profile, but just in case, check out our advanced tips and tutorial videos to make sure you’ve got it covered!