Case Studies

Daniel Priestley: Entrepreneur

Case Studies

Daniel Priestley is the author of ‘Key Person of Influence’, ‘Entrepreneur Revolution’ and ‘Oversubscribed’. His business is based in the UK, Australia, Singapore and the USA. He is a frequent keynote speaker and the ultimate ‘thought-leader’.

Situation: Daniel is a business leader and a frequent keynote speaker. His book ‘Key Person of Influence’ sells at a rate of 2 per hour every day of the year and is a unique part of his very well designed sales funnel.

The Problem: The book and all his other credentials did little to continue his prospects’ journey through his sales funnel. His book and all his public appearances are all strategically designed to sell his high ticket item – a nine month accelerator course.

The Solution: We matched the opening summary of the message he stands for and ties his entire enterprise together. We added a quick snapshot of his background to build intrigue and matched this in more detail in the Experience section.

Each book was featured as a separate entry in the Experience section with matching videos. Instead of repeating the summary from the back of the book (as written in the Publication section) we share the background and motivation for the book, creating a more conversational style to leave the reader feeling they’ve had a conversation with Daniel.

We added Rich Media Content that shows Daniel speaking throughout the profile, but namely in the Summary where you can find a 40 minute video. Although this is usually against protocol as videos should be 2 minutes, this item is strategically placed and plant the message that Daniel has plenty of meaty content available if the prospect should like to know more.

Each of his products is carefully outlined so prospects get an idea of how they can engage with Daniel and the support his company offers. His Advice for Contacting section manages expectations by saying LinkedIn is not the best place to communicate with him. Rather, people should contact his office if they want a faster response.

Now: We are currently working on updating and developing the profiles of his team so his sales force benefit from having a clear, consistent and professional message about what they are selling, so when they connect with people prospects instantly understand who they are and the value they can bring.

Situation: As an international speaker delivering a vital message, people naturally Google Skip Archimedes to learn more about him and his past. With Google ranking LinkedIn second place in all results, Skip’s LinkedIn profile was contributing to his reputation daily.

The Problem: Skip sells luxury health retreats from the stage at his free 2 day event, Supercharge Your Life. People coming to his free event will have learned about him via his website and social media. Attendance in the room and then his ability to convert sales depends greatly on the consistency and quality of information available on the internet. Since Skip’s course is a large investment, delegates signing up may have to justify their purchase to friends and family. When we met, his profile would not have helped his new client nor helped get people to his free event.

The Solution: Using Rich Content Media, we were able to put a promotional video for his course on his profile along with testimonials and an overview of his products. The opening summary draws the reader in by sharing true facts about health that most people don’t know. Skip has his own personal story as to how he came to be on this journey himself. By sharing this we create rapport with the reader and let people know he’s been there and does understand, despite his great health now!

Results: Many people now reach out to Skip via his profile and click through to learn about his events and products, saying that they resonated with his profile. He has even achieved large sales for his retreats via leads coming in from his profile.

Slightly different: One thing important to Skip was that he wasn’t tarnished by his past life in an all male dance group. While he shares his journey openly in front of people at his seminars, he chose not to include any of his past experience and instead use this section to outline the various things he has to offer.

Skip Archimedes: International Speaker

Case Studies

Colin Bielckus: Virtual Finance Director

Case Studies

Situation: Colin provides vital support to businesses in a flexible way suitable to many growing businesses. While most people will hire an accountant, Colin offers something extra.

The Problem: Although his services include accounting, Colin needed to communicate his approach and the value he provides to attract new contacts and help distinguish him within his local business community.

The Solution: Colin’s profile speaks directly to the concerns of business owners, talking in real terms about their worries and what they need. He then tells us exactly how he helps and who he helps. We’ve worked his experience to demonstrate the different industry experience he has as well as his community activities.

Situation: Valerie is a complementary therapist who also distributes Utility Warehouse along with various other products. She has an insightful blog and lots of happy clients.

The Problem: Most don’t understand the value of complementary therapy although a lot of people are trying to solve problems Valerie has a strong track record in. We wanted to highlight this along with speaking about her multi-level marketing opportunities without detracting from her core message. Since Valerie’s practice is geographically bound, we also needed to say her location to help people either know whether they could visit her or not.

The Solution: We began the profile with factual information generic to all, creating curiosity and selling the concept. After listing how Valerie can help, we made sure we hinted at her own health story to create a conversational point when a connection begins. We also insert personality, along with truth, about her keeping her skills fresh by attending training courses. We used her experience section to highlight the other areas Valerie works in.

Valerie Woodmore: Complimentary Therapist & MLM

Case Studies

Karen Murray: Thought Leader

Case Studies

Situation: Karen has a new approach to people management and a clear mission. She wants to bring humanity back to the work place. She has an excellent website and a fully developed brand image.

The Problem: As a new concept, we need to be careful to communicate her message in a way that distinguishes her from all the other trainers. Prospects have many choices and our first outcome is to consider this approach as valuable and want to talk to Karen about it.

The Solution: The opening sentence is designed to create an awareness for the concept that we all have a responsibility to those around us. By making it one-on-one we plant a seed that our buyer will think upon and start to observe in their own workplace. By sharing the knock on consequences of leaving this issue unaddressed, we create motivation within our buyer to want what we’re offering –or at least to discuss it, which is all Karen needs to get her foot in the door.

Situation: Nick and his wife Paula have started their own communications agency pulling on their years of experience in story telling. Nick is an ex-BBC editor and broadcaster, and Paula has an extensive career in internal communications for many leading corporates.

The Problem: Storytelling can seem fanciful to the ears of a director who may not understand its importance. Marketers, however, do understand the importance and the impact it can have upon communications both internally and externally. For it to really work, though, they need the full engagement of the director who will tell the story!

The Solution: We made sure the profiles spoke the language of directors and quickly made the connection between storytelling and revenue. Since the marketer already knows the value, we chose to make the profile a valuable resource they could use when selling the services internally to the ultimate decision maker. By pulling on their successful career in the field, we’ve ensured that the director is not only sold into the concept of storytelling but working with Nick and Paula as the experts!

Nick Meir & Paula Meir: Storytellers

Case Studies Case Studies

Sue Carroll: Corporate Receptionist

Case Studies

Situation: It wasn’t until I read the testimonials on Sue’s profile that I began to realise she was not actually a receptionist, but a specialist trainer of receptionists in the corporate environment.

The Problem: Without clearly stating the problem and how she could solve it, the keywords Sue was using led me, and most probably everyone else, to believe that she was a receptionist who’d recently got a coaching qualification. Her profile needed a complete make-over.

The Solution: A punchy headline and a gripping summary that clearly outlines the pains, problems and consequences of having a poor reception and exactly how Sue helps. We named a number of her clients and spoke directly to the person most likely drive the buying decision in the organisation i.e. the CEO who sees what other companies do and want the same thing.

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