Discover How To Build Your LinkedIn Profile

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If you like what you hear but you’re not sure how or if it applies to you, but you know that having a chat would really help you, I welcome you to please look into having a Profile Review with my compliments. It’s a 30-minute session. In this session I’ll learn about your business and tailor my advice especially for you. If the course is a good fit, I’ll let you know. If not, then hopefully you’ll leave with a lot of value. This is usually charged at £27+VAT but I’ll waive this for you and provide you with the recording so you can listen to it again.

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There are a number of vital elements you’ll need in place to create a great LinkedIn profile. Having worked with over 100+ business owners, sole entrepreneurs and thought-leaders I’ve identify that most don’t have them in place. As a result, I’ve created this course to help you delve in deeper and give you the support and space you need to get them in place. Plus, by session five I’ll begin coaching you to create your own LinkedIn profile and work with your peers to perfect it. The course covers a lot of valuable content that will definitely ensure you begin to generate leads and turn them into paid business.