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August Newsletter

Welcome to the August Newsletter,

This month’s newsletter is packed with great content from around the web and TheProfile.Company. This month we recorded a really successful webinar on How to Build Your Business on LinkedIn and featured in a few podcasts.

Here are the highlights:

August Newsletter7 Mistakes People Make with Their LinkedIn Summary

With 2000 characters (including spaces) you have the chance to make an impact on your audience and interrupt your prospect’s buying journey while setting yourself apart as a Trusted Advisor. However, the majority of LinkedIn profile summaries I view fail to even get off the ground. Here is why? Read more


August Newsletter

Sending out LinkedIn InMails? Make sure you know this first!

If you want a return on investment for your LinkedIn activity, then you need to ensure that your LinkedIn profile is working for you rather than against you. So before you start sending out messages to prospects it’s well worth considering what your profile, and those who work for you, says about your company. Here are a few quick tips to consider before sending your LinkedIn InMail. Read more

Featured Content:

August NewsletterHow to Build Your Business with LinkedIn

In my most recent webinar, I’ve shared my LinkedIn strategy to generate new business. Watch it here- Read more





August NewsletterNaomi Johnson Is The Linkedin Expert Profiler; Bringing Expertise To Your Linkedin Profile

Doyle Buehler, the host of Breaking Digital, and me agreed to do an interview for a new episode entitled, ‘Naomi Johnson Is The Linkedin Expert Profiler; Bringing Expertise To Your Linkedin Profile’ which has been posted on his podcast. We also gathered all the resources we used on the interview on our page- Click here

Here are this month’s highlights:

August NewsletterSocial Selling Through Acts of Kindness

SOCIAL SELLING THROUGH ACTS OF KINDNESS: Here are few top tips of things you could be doing to raise awareness for yourself while helping someone else.
By now, you probably know social selling isn’t how many calls you can make in an hour—it’s how much trust you can build. Read more


August NewsletterWhy Sales Isn’t About Relationships

BECOME YOUR PROSPECTS TRUSTED ADVISOR: “Keep in mind that a successful social selling process is meant to establish long-term relationships, not just score your next big sale. That means your goal should be your prospects’ success”. Read more

Motivational Corner:

August NewsletterSteve Jobs Describes His Tough Road To Success

Have you seen the ‘Motivational Corner’ on our website? We all know that sometimes we just need a little boost to keep us going and to remember why we play this game, so our new website has a little corner with videos to inspire you and put you back on track.

Anyone that tells you that being an entrepreneur is easy and following your dreams is a breeze, is definitely lying to you. Stop listening to them. Step away… and pop back over here. And gave yourself 5-minutes for a quick boost that won’t impact your waistline.

Here is a quick sample and our featured video for this month. Watch here

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August Newsletter