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Welcome to this month’s LinkedIn news from TheProfile.Company. Our aim is to summarise news and views from the web to help you build your business on LinkedIn.

It’s been an interesting month on LinkedIn with quite a bit of controversy. In the last year, Candice Galek has been drawing a great deal of attention to herself with some questionable LinkedIn posts that are now drawing the world’s attention. In fact, her antics have been covered by several Forbes magazine articles and, so the story goes, has brought her so much business that her sales are booming. (Read article below)

Clever posts can do wonders for your business if they are easy to like, well written and have a photo. Below are some examples I spotted over the last month and the elements that make them stand out. Enjoy…

Here are the highlights:

April Newsletter

This is an inspired use of Social Selling. It’ll have you wanting to ‘like’ the Screen Shot

It really doesn’t take much explanation, but in my opinion, this is an inspired use of Social Selling…Read more



April Newsletter

How Bikini Luxe Has Engaged (And Enraged) On LinkedIn 

Of all the founders I hear from with ideas for finding and engaging customers on social media, Candice Galek, CEO and Founder of Bikini Luxe is one who’s willing to push the envelope, on multiple fronts…Read more

Featured Client:

April Newsletter

Anthony Brown
This month, Anthony Brown’s profile went live. I first met Anthony when he was the nominated speaker at Portsmouth Business Exchange. What struck me most about him was his passion for what he did and his mission to set a standard in his industry. A message like this is powerful on LinkedIn as it sets you apart and helps build rapport
with prospects. I wanted to help him convey this on LinkedIn so I approached him after his talk. He understood the value of LinkedIn immediately and we set about building his profile.

See what you think – click here to view his profile

Here is what Anthony said about working with TheProfile.Company
“I am elated with Naomi’s work. Her attention to detail and keen ear led to a ‘right first time’ answer for my LinkedIn profile and this level of care was possibly only surpassed by her patience with my questions about all the different areas of the profile at our initial meeting. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Naomi and her company to anyone else looking to find the best solution for their profile presence on LinkedIn.”

Here are this month’s highlights:

April Newsletter

KICK OFF CONVERSATIONS WITH A BANG: Business shouldn’t all be business talk. This article has plenty of great suggestions for finding out what your prospect likes and conversation starters. Read more

April Newsletter

ARE YOUR SALES PEOPLE THE EXPERTS: Typically people don’t like talking to sales people, tending to stereotyping them as pushy. Are your sales people your golden ticket? Read more

April Newsletter

How to Maximize Your Content Exposure on LinkedIn

MAXIMISE YOUR CONTENT EXPOSURE ON LINKEDIN: Some great tips on how to use your company page, make use of Slideshare and other great insights. Read more

We’ve got some really exciting things on the way so stay tuned. If you have a particular question about LinkedIn (or a rant you want to get off your chest) then be in touch. I’d love to answer it for you and feature it along with your business in my next blog post.

April Newsletter
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