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Your Photo

Cut your picture up close so people feel they can really get a sense of you.

Your Headline

Visible in search results and prominent at the top of the profile use the space wisely and draw your prospect in by outlining the problem you solve.

About (Summary)

Hidden behind the ‘See More’ make sure your first two lines make an impact so people keep reading. Outline the problem you solve so prospects instantly understand the context of the conversation they are about to have with you.

Current Experience

For your current experience entry, tell prospects how they can work with you by outlining your packages. Add a call-to-action; an invitation to a first call conversation with you that will help your prospect further understand their problem and how you can help.

Company Page Logos

Attach your profile to your company page so the logo appears on the profile. This will increase brand awareness and professionalism. Plus your prospect may feel more comfortable following your company page than asking to connect in the initial stages.

Volunteering Experience & Causes

Tell people what’s important to you and where you invest your time. Including causes you invest time in will bring added exposure and opportunities for them as well as show you’re a person that cares. Include a webpage where applicable so people can find out more.

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Recommendations create a powerful transfer of trust allowing people to hear from others the quality and value of your work. Build it into your business processes to regularly follow up with clients and ask for them.
The anatomy of
Your LinkedIn Profile

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LinkedIn Profile 2018

Background Image

Immediately let people know your speciality with a picture that speaks a thousand words.

Contact Details

Make it easy for prospects to follow you up by adding your email, phone number and website URLs that continue the conversation.


This section tells you how many Mutual Connections you have with a person and how many groups you share.

Recent Activity

Draw your audience in by posting regularly on topics that are important to your audience. Build awareness of the problem and always have a call to action.

Past Experience Sections

If you have multiple positions, place the one you want to draw attention to at the top. You can only move positions that are currently open. Use the Summary to explain multiple interests and tie it all together.

Featured Content

Select videos, pictures and PDFs that continue your prospects journey through their buying decision. Avoid adding to many items that lead your prospect to feel overwhelmed and click away.

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Detail your education to give context to your expertise where applicable. Include main qualificiations and institutions. You can also use Course and Organisations for smaller qualifications.


Only your the top three skills now show with your most relevant endorser heading the list.


Honours & Awards, Publications, Languages and Projects, use this section wisely to highlight the problems you’ve solved and the work you’ve accomplished.


Groups you belong to and influencers you follower are now all collated together in one section at the foot of your profile.
LinkedIn Profile 2018


A well-considered profile shows you care about your professional image and your prospect.

LinkedIn Profile 2018


Advance the sales conversation by pitching your business powerfully and leaving your prospects in no doubt about what you do.

LinkedIn Profile 2018

sales funnel

Make sure prospects know exactly how to engage you and how to take the next step to begin working with you.

LinkedIn Profile 2018

LinkedIn Profile 2018

Stand Out & Get Results on LinkedIn

Generating business via LinkedIn requires you to understand how your prospects buy and pitch your services to match. It requires you to stand out from the crowd and articulate the value you provide so your ideal prospects sit up and take action. It requires you to know how to interact with prospects in a genuine and authentic way, so you build meaningful relationships that lead people to want to do business with you.

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With 550 million users across the globe and two new members joining every second, LinkedIn has the power to connect you with your marketplace in a matter of seconds FOR FREE!

If you’re a business owner, solo-entrepreneur, thought-leader or part of an ambitious sales team then you’re in the right place.

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LinkedIn Profile 2018

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