Three LinkedIn Strategies You Need To Know

by | Mar 22, 2023

There are three strategies on LinkedIn that underpin everything that you do. And they all lead back to your profile.

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Active Strategy

An Active LinkedIn strategy means intentionally engaging with your network to boost your visibility, establish yourself as a thought leader, and create business opportunities. It’s about nurturing relationships, building your professional network and driving success.

Things you might do:

Post consistently 3x a week with thought-leadership content

Comment on 20x posts per week within your network. Go beyond ‘Great post’ and say something insightful that will build a relationship and/or position your expertise.

Share 80% thought-leadership, 10% business activities tagging your network, 10% personal content (related to work).

Post content in a variety of different formats

Proactive Strategy

A Proactive LinkedIn strategy involves being intentional about who your ideal client is, using the search function to identify prospects, asking for introductions, and building a relationship with decisions makers by commenting on their posts and messaging – all with the intention of booking a sales appointment.

Things you might do:

Use the Search Function to find your ideal clients and receive notifications when new people qualify (on a free account you can save 3 searches)

Approach people you know well within your network who are connected to your ideal prospects and ask for an introduction

Use Sales Navigator to manage prospects and receive notification when they post content

Never cold sell! Build a genuine relationship and idenitfy need, before you ask for the appointment.

Passive Strategy

Your LinkedIn Profile is working for you 24/7. Every message you send, post you write, comment you make, is drawing people back to your profile. This is your chance to start a relationship and position your thought-leadership and credibility. It’s also where you need to be leading your ideal prospects to join your sales funnel.

Things you might do:

Make sure the first 50 characters of your Headline sums up your expertise as this is what shows under your name when you post content or comment before it cuts off. If someone likes your comment and sees it relates to your expertise, they will visit your profile

Set the context of the conversation you’re about to have with a prospect with a strong headline, background image and back up any claims in your About section.

Build a relationship with your audience by talking about the symptoms of the problem you solve in a way that everyone can understand, and ideal prospects become interested.

Three LinkedIn Strategies You Need To Know

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Three LinkedIn Strategies You Need To Know

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