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10 Tips for Creating Great Rich-Content Media for Your LinkedIn Profile

Great content on your LinkedIn profile doesn’t have to be costly or time consuming. Most likely, you have all the resources ready at hand and can easily transform them into a PDF or PowerPoint presentation. For best effect, upload to or and then attach to your profile.

When creating content, here are a few things to consider:

  1. Keep your branding consistent. Use your company colours and logo.
  2. Ensure fonts, title sizes, and other formatting are consistent throughout.
  3. Use the same theme throughout, but create slide variations to keep attention.
  4. Ensure the title page is easily viewable when uploaded. Consider how it looks in thumbnail, and revise or maintain accordingly.
  5. Number tips to provide the reader a framework.
  6. Keep the content quick and easy to digest.
  7. Know what you want prospects to do as a result of interacting with your content, and let them know whether they should email you, call you, or join your mailing list.
  8. Add value by answering a pressing question your prospects are actively researching, and provide real insights that will assist them and help them remember you favourably.
  9. Seek first to serve. Inform prospects about your services but never by directly selling.
  10. Put yourself in the mindset of your prospects and consider what will aid their decision-making process.

Content really is everywhere, and it can easily be adapted. You might choose to adapt your sales brochure or an email you’ve recently sent a client. For example, the following points were adapted from feedback I sent a client on her SlideShare presentation.

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